5 Horror Film Clichés… Directors Please Take Care of it!

Here I am gonna mention some funny clichés of most of the modern horror films. We can see the characters doing almost similar things in every horror film, and still don’t learn from their mistakes. If I would be a character in a horror film, than definitely I would avoid those stupid old stuffs.

1.      I Fell, Damn!!!


Situation: A very scary place, nobody is around and some ghost, monster or a killer is chasing you (I don’t understand one thing, why all the ghosts or whatever walk so slow and still manage to catch you).

Film character: You will either trip or stumble and fall thousands of time, will crawl, and simultaneously will shout for help (even though nobody is there, remember).  How stupid of you huh… why the hell you always stop at the nearest location than to your previous one and its quite obvious that the monster will find you and off course kill you.

Me (in the same situation): Ok, Mr. Ghost… wait and watch… I will run like I never ever did in my life. And definitely won’t stop until I see a real being. If I fall, I am not going to crawl instead; I will get up and run again.

2.      Hey!!! Are you dead?


Situation: You just thought that your life was about to end and then you find some knife or plank or pistol. And you hit the killer or Mr. Whatever and he passes out.

Film character: You at a snail’s pace will pass the killer, definitely leaving the weapon in his hand (for his self defence, you see). Go upstairs and check if your friends or relatives are dead or alive… and by all this time the killer will come back to senses and will kill you with his very own favourite weapon.

Me: I will kill him till he shed his last drop of blood and that also with his own weapon. And I won’t forget to take the weapon with me (what if he comes back to senses).

3.      I don’t believe you…


Situation: Your family bought a new house and supernatural stuffs are happening.

Film character: Paranormal stuffs will most of the time happen with the teenage girl or boy, or 10 year old kid or with the mother. But the father remains unaffected and a complete disbeliever. And usually he is the one who dies the first or witness near to death events (now he will definitely believe).

Me (as the father): I would believe my family because they are not nuts to say all these. They don’t have the tendency to behave abnormally all the time. I would prefer to leave the house rather than to die.

4.      Hear that noise? Lemme go and check in…


Situation: Paranormal things are happening in your house and suddenly you hear noises coming from attic or cellar (most common places, sometimes closet too).

Film character: Most of the times you ask your partner to check it. The female without any reason stay out and the male will be the one to go and check. Either the female or the male dies or see something real strange or fall into trouble.

Me: Trying to prove yourself a hero huh… no way I am gonna let you go alone inside. We’ll go together. Really I would not prefer to split. In short where you go, I’ll go too…

5.      Hello!!!


Situation: You come home and nobody is around (you have already checked the whole house), nor do you have pets at home and you come downstairs… And then you hear some sound coming from your room upstairs.

Film character: Will walk slowly on the stairs and definitely will say Hello!!! Lolz , as if whosoever is in there will reply… oh ya, come in, I’ve been waiting for you all day long…

Me: Well I’ll be scared too, will also walk the way the character was and might be possible that I would die (like the horror character). But would definitely never say the stupid word “HELLO”…