5 Horrifying Real Life Stories you’ll Never Forget!

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1.      In 1890’s, a man dug up the grave of his daughter to burn her heart thinking that she is a vampire!

This story looks like right out from some episode of the vampire diaries but this actually happened in 1890’s. The family of George and Mary brown of Exeter suffered from tuberculosis. The mother, Mary got the infection and died first of all, after which the eldest daughter caught it and died followed by their younger brother. The youngest daughter mercy was the last one to die. The villagers and neighbours started expecting that one of the members of the family was a vampire who was killing all the others. George was convinced to dig up the bodies and exhume them to stop causing any further deaths. Now the bodies of all others except mercy was considerably decomposed so she was declared to be the vampire and her heart was taken out and exhumed. The ashes were then mixed with tea and fed to ill George as a cure. He died after 2 months!

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2.      Man receives heart of a suicide victim, gets married to his widow, and  some years later kills himself the same way the donor did! 

Terry Cottle committed a suicide by shooting himself and left behind a widow with 4 children and a perfectly healthy heart, which saved the life of 69 year old sonny graham.  Graham got Cottle’s heart transplanted and eventually married the widow of Cottle. He claims it was love at first sight. In his words “I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I just stared.” 

Weird? Well, this gets weirder!

After 12 years of the transplant, Graham shot himself in the same way Cottle did, and on the exact same date. Now that’s creepy!!! Isn’t it? Graham’s friends say, he never showed any signs of being depressed or something. It’s a big mystery why would he commit suicide. I guess only Cottle can tell us that!

3.      Fake eyelashes made out of fly legs!

Jessica Harrison is one British artist who has crossed the boundaries (if there were any) to get fashion innovations and that too unsettling ones. Eyelashes made of fly legs are just the beginning. She has also made some weird mouth eyes, which makes the eyelashes look like lips. Beauty is not the only department Jessica is interested in; she has also made some hairy chairs and fleshy drawers!

Check out her website to see more of creepy artwork-


4.      Anneliese Michel’s exorcism was real.

Remember the creepiest movie ever… the exorcism of Emily rose? Well what if I tell you that it all actually happened, that Emily rose was real and possessed?*Goosebumps*

It all started on 1968 when the 16 year old girl Anneliese Michel started behaving in a weird manner. She suffered self abuse, demonic visions, starvation and other stranger things for years till 1975. In 1975 it was believed that she was possessed not by one but several demons and 2 priests tried to perform her exorcism. She barely ate during those times and died of starvation in 1976. Her parents and the priests were tried and found guilty of manslaughter.

Here’s the real audio from her exorcism and I’d warn you to not listen to this if you are a faint-heart.

5.      Incessant shark attacks over a period of 12 days.

Sounds like the story of jaws. Well that’s where the story was inspired from. In 1916 there was a sequence of shark attacks on the New Jersey shore. 5 people were attacked over a period of 12 days in July, out of which, only one survived. On 14th of July a seven foot great white shark was killed and human remains were found in its stomach. Scientists haven’t been able to find out, if it was the same shark behind all those deaths. They say it was a bull shark but there were no attacks recorded after the date. Peter Benchley was inspired by the story and made jaws with a similar story, in which, a 25 foot shark terrorizes a north-eastern fishing community.