5 Home Remedies to Cure the Hangover Blues

Veisalgia (medical terminology) or hangover is the situation, which arises when a person consume heavy amount of alcohol, and lose his/her mind. Hangover is not any disease, but a person feels sick from inside. Hangover is always disturbing.

Read on to get some easy home remedies, to come out of the situation.

Causes of Hangover


The foremost cause is excess of drinking alcohol, drugs, or any toxic material.

Symptoms of Hangover


Headache, (angmard) Body aches, tiredness, vomiting, dehydration, dry lips, restlessness, mild fever, and sleepiness, diarrhoea, problem in intestine, swollen eyes, redness, and itching in eyes.

Home Remedies:

1. Water


Water is one of the best solutions, to get rid of hangover. Your body gets dehydrated, and water helps you to overcome it. Hence, before drinking alcohol, you should consume lot of water and take 3-4 glasses of water before going for a sleep.

2. Lemon

A wedge of lemon falling into a glass of water

Lemon is one essential element to get rid of hangover, if you feel dizzy, take it with water, but do not add sugar in it.

3. Fruits


Bananas and Apples are very effective fruits to cure hangover. For fast effects, mash the bananas; add little milk and one table spoon honey. It will do wonders in curing your hangover.

4. Ginger (Adrak)


Chew 2-3 pieces of ginger or consume one ginger tea; it will help in reducing the Hangover, and will make you feel warm and relaxed.

5. Peppermint


You can take few leaves of peppermint and chew it. Also, you can put these leaves in boiled water and drink it, to reducing the hangover.