5 Highest Paying Jobs that Don’t Need a Degree

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Have you completed your schooling?…What are you doing now-a-days? I know most of you are searching for a good institution, to earn a degree. In order to apply to various jobs, college degree is a pre-requisite for   getting better jobs. Do you want to earn quick money without carrying further education? Yes….I’m not joking….it is possible! There are several professions that do not require any degree and also, you can earn a handsome income. If you possess talent and zeal, you can opt any of the following as your career.

1.    Modelling


Does the world of glamour fascinates you? Do you possess eye-catching personality? If so, modelling is the right career for you. You might have to struggle to enter in this profession, but, once you get established, you would earn a lot of money. However, there is no fixed salary in this career; good contracts can bring you a lot of wealth.

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2.    Freelance Photographer


Does your friend sing praises for the pictures, clicked by you? Is photography your favourite hobby? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Take up your hobby as full-time or part-time career. It is a very interesting job. You get the opportunity to capture the beautiful world. You can earn as much that you can lead a luxurious life. Moreover, the best part is that you do not require any degree. Before opting for this profession, you must know that you would have to travel a lot for searching amazing photographs. This may affect your work-life balance.

3.    Fitness Trainer


In the present scenario, people are becoming more health conscious. They tend to join fitness clubs, aerobic centres, gyms or yoga centres to keep themselves fit. This has offered excellent opportunities for fitness trainers. These professionals review the fitness of their clients and accordingly, prescribe exercise for them. These professionals can provide training facilities at the client’s home, fitness centres, health clubs or their own home.

4.    Real Estate Agent


With a tremendous growth in the real estate sector, the demand of real estate agents have increased manifold. These professionals act as a mediator between the buyer and seller of the property. As a real estate agent, you are responsible to find a seller, who is willing to sell the property and a buyer, who is willing to buy it at the rate fixed by the seller. You just need to complete a certification course and acquire the license to carry on this career. Your earnings depend on the number of clients you serve. But, for this particular profession you need to be a little daring, as real estate field itself demands that. This is considered, therefore, more apt profession for guys, instead of females. But now a days, you can see many girls too plunging into this field fearlessly. So give it a go, if the zeal to sell suits your temperament.

5.    Insurance Agent


Becoming an insurance adviser is again one profession, that is highly paid and doesn’t demand any specific degree or diploma. Even if you are a housewife, selling insurance is one great paid job, that you can take easily part timely. In case you are able to sell insurance policies with high premiums, and build good rapport, then no one can stop you from getting high end commissions, that the insurance agents get out of the premium paid by their clients. If you succeed to get good number of platinum customers, then you can easily earn between 15-30 lacks annually.