5 High Heel Horrors to Health


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Spools, stilettos, cones and wedges are a conerstone of every woman’s closet. Be it a matinee show, date or a dinner party… all you need is to team up your black dress with a sexy stiletto and you feel stylish, tall and confident in seconds. We all know the strain and dicomfort one face while wearing a high heel nevertheless a woman will be a woman… she can bear all the pains and strains to look beautiful and slim. Although a high heel makes a woman look stunning and seductive, it also has an innumerable number of side effects to our health. Here is a list of 5 horrifying effects of high heels over health.

1. Foot Pain

Fashion heels cause pain on the joints because the entire body weight is concentrated on the foot. The foot is rested on to a thin, pointed and resctricted area which encourages many foot problems.

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2.Walking Difficulty

Walking for long distance can be very diificult with high heels. You may loose your balance, fall out on your way. At the end, you will be making a fool of yourself. Moreover, if you wear it for a long time you will feel the pain on your foot.

3. Back Pain

Women who wear high heels undergo severe back pain because the body weight is concentrated on the lower back. However, daily you should do exercise and yoga that can help you to get relieved from the pain.

4. Leg Sprain

One of the common problems caused by high heels are leg sprain. You may not be used to in wearing a high heel, as a result, you trip over causing a leg injury. Be very careful if you are wearing it for the first time.

5. Wrong Posture

High heels can permanently result in a wrong posture of a body since the muscles are forcefully raised within a concentrated area. This gives a permanent injury to your calf muscles.

So, my advice to all the women who wear high heels is –

“Wear heels only when your outfit demands it (Like a mini skirt would look plain and dull untill you combine it with long high heeled boots) or else these fashion heels will convert into feet killers in no time.”