5 Health Problems No Dog Owner should Ignore!


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Most dog owners treat their dogs like kids. They pay every attention to their health, happiness and well being. But, did you know that there are some problems which go unnoticed, no matter how detail oriented we are? We might fixate about a certain aspect (such as preservatives in dog food or vaccine protocols), and ignore all the others.

See a veterinarian if your dog has any of the below stated problems. Do not disregard, overlook or consider them as “normal”. Some of these ailments might take time to heal, but they’ll do your dog a lot of good in the long run.

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1.   Dental Problems or Dental Hygiene


How would you feel if your gums were bleeding and your teeth were discolored or falling out? Not very great, right? So is the case with your dog. Just like humans, dogs require dental care. Improper dental hygiene can cause them constant and extreme pain. Both gums and teeth need to be kept clean. Imagine the pain they go through every time their tongue touches a bad tooth, or how they have to eat carefully, so as not to chew the food from that aching side of the mouth. Bad enough! So take your pet to a good vet, before the condition further deteriorates. He/she can bring your dog back in good shape, irrespective of its age.

2.    Ear Problems

A 3 month old Weimaraner puppy getting his ears checked by a vet.

Since adults don’t go through the trauma of chronic ear problems; we tend to underestimate the discomfort it causes. But, remind yourself the amount of agony you went through as a child, courtesy recurring ear troubles, or how helpless you felt when your child was suffering from those horrible infections. Shuddering, already? Well, so is the case with your dog. Though people bring in their pets for this common problem, the follow up is usually poor. Owners skip appointments or discontinue medication after a few days, and even decide that such infections are “routine” or “normal”. It might be common, but it is awfully painful too. Ear infections are itchy and painful. If you think you wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around with a certain disease in your body, so should be the case with your dog.

3.   Aching Joints


Arthritis is inevitable, but there can definitely be some relief from the pain. Those achy-breaky joints come with a whole lot of pain and discomfort. We resort to painkillers and oral propaganda of how terribly we are in pain. But can your dog do the same? He cannot tell you when and how it started, where it hurts, or how bad it feels, but does that make his problem any less painful? Nope. So see a good vet, when you witness initial signs of suffering, as arthritis can be both managed and treated. This will not only improve the quality of life of your dog, but will also help him live a healthy old age.

4.   Biting Pests and Other Skin Issues


What do you do when a bug bites you? Invite him and his friends for a bigger feast or you swat them away, gulp down anti allergy meds, apply soothing ointments and spray bug repellents? The solution is simple; treat your dog’s ailment the same way you would treat yours. If you wouldn’t want to be attacked by fleas, you should make every effort to alleviate your dogs itch too. He deserves parasite control, as much as you do!

Also, pests are not the only cause of all skin problems. Chronic rash, allergies, etc., can cause your canine endless scratching. So, don’t let this problem go unnoticed.

5.   Obesity


Nobody wants to accept that they’re overweight. Similarly, dog owners don’t easily accept that their dear pet is way above the normal weight radar, and most likely, suffering from numerous health problems that arise due to obesity. So, don’t let your canine stay overweight (in fact, don’t even let him get there in the first place). Let’s quote one example here- if your dog has arthritis and to make matters worse, he’s even obese, he’ll be at a greater risk of getting euthanized; because he’ll be in deep pain and wouldn’t even be able to move. Therefore, don’t let your dog eat endlessly, only to take away all those extra pounds in the end.

We hope and pray that your dog remains healthy and happy, but it would be mindless to ignore early and obvious signs of all these diseases. Don’t let your furry friend suffer in silence, when you can do everything to make his life more nourished.