5 Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day

Your boyfriend asks you out for a date. You wear your best outfit, team it up with a sexy stiletto, wear your favourite perfume and you are all set to go. So, now you take a final look at the mirror… gosh!! What is that? My hair looks so clumsy. There is nothing more maddening than a bad hair day especially when you are going out for a date. Sometimes, bad hair days are just inevitable. Well, my dear Ladies if you are to face bad hair days… here is a perfect bad hair day guide for you to read on.

1.    Side Braid

Braiding is the quickest way to fix your bad hair day.  Go for messy and loose side braids which give a very girly look. Moreover, side braids are very much in, these days.

2.    Messy Bun

This messy bun is my all time favourite quick fix. It goes well with all kinds of face cut. All you need is to tie a top bun leaving it untidy and messy. I love this style because it hides all the flaws in my hair.

3.    Curled Ends

There is nothing, we can do on a bad hair day. Hide your ugly frizzes by curling the ends of your hair. This will give you a very soft and stylish look to your tresses.

4.    Pin Up

All you need is cherry coloured hair pins to accessorize your bad hair day. Accessories work as wonders over dull and oily hair. Go for cute multi coloured hair pins when your hair does not cooperate.

5.    Hair Scarf

Covering your hair will be a great idea on a bad hair day. Go for bright and bold coloured scarves, bandanas and hair bands. They will give a complete chick look.

Say goodbye to your hair disasters with these amazing quick fixes on bad hair days.

What’s your look for the day? Do tell!