5 Great Uses of Vaseline You didn’t Know

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Yes, the Vaseline petroleum jelly which is considered more or less a lip balm is so much more useful. It can be used for many a things for which we tend to spend a good deal of money on other cosmetics. Read on and am sure you are gonna carry this mini handy multi-tasker with you at all times.

Chafing Thighs or Rashes


Thigh chafing is a common annoying problem during summers. Due to sweating, our thighs are constantly chafing which results in painful rashes. Spread some Vaseline on the part of thighs which are likely to rub. You can also apply Vaseline on your neck or underarms to avoid rashes from collar or tight sleeves.

Long Lasting Fragrance

This smart trick is yet unknown to a lot of people. Before using perfume or deo rub a little Vaseline on your neck, armpits and wrist to make it stay for longer. Vaseline kind of captures the scent and makes it last longer than usual and so you have a moisturized skin and fragrant essence altogether.

Quick Fix for Frizzy Hair

Yes girls! You don’t need to spend tons of money on those shine enhancing sprays and detangling serum. Just rub a little amount of Vaseline on your palms and run it through your hair for the extra gloss and smoothness. Or you can scrunch up your Vaseline-d tresses for a voluminous look. Vaseline is great at covering up split ends too, in case of emergencies.

Vaseline Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs are really expensive but who wants them when you have a cheaper and better replacement, mix sea salt or brown sugar in a tub of Vaseline and whip it to make a scrub which you can use to exfoliate your whole body. The goodness of sea salt and the moisture of Vaseline make a very good combination to exfoliate lips too. The difference with Vaseline is that it stays for a long time compared to any other moisturizer. Wanna test? Just rub some Vaseline on your hands and wash them with water and now repeat the same with any other moisturizer, you’ll know the difference.

Vaseline for Removing Makeup

If you have Vaseline in your bag, you don’t need any other makeup remover or wet tissues. Rub some Vaseline and wipe off your makeup with a dry tissue. And the best part is, it won’t make your skin dry or sore like wet tissues do.  When it comes to removing stains, Vaseline works great on skin as well as clothes. I just experimented to remove a lipstick stain from my hanky with Vaseline and it worked! (Vaseline will leave a stain of its own which can be removed by simply washing with soap)

So here were a few of the many uses of Vaseline and I’ll keep updating you as I come to know of more.

P.S. I don’t need to mention the bedroom use of Vaseline to all you smart ladies! Do I? 😛

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