5 Extremely Lovely DIY Flower Vase Ideas

Vase 1: Vase of textured clay

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Things you’ll need:


Step 1:


Draw a design on the surface of your vase, using puffy paint (choose a lighter colour so that it will not show later).

Quick tip: If you are not confident of your drawing skills, tape the design inside the glass so that it can be traced on the outside.

Make sure the design is raised and puffed up. Use puffy paint so that it creates a beautiful texture. Allow the paint to dry, before you take on the next step.

Step 2:


This is the fun part! Begin the painting. We are keenly waiting for spring; so we chose tangerine, fuchsia and matched it with silver and ivory. Also, you can give an extra pop to your vase by painting the inside rim in a different color. Coat your vase 2-3 times. This will make it look more like clay instead of glass.

Step 3:


The third and final step involves spraying sealant on your finished vase, in order to protect it from withering away.

Step 4:


Decorate your vase with flowers and see how pretty they look!

Vase 2: Wood Vase


This is a super easy way to turn an empty can or tin into a beautiful item of eco-decor. Let’s see how to do it.

Things you’ll need:


  • Numerous small branches from bushes or trees, each ranging about ½ to 1 and ½ inches, in diameter.
  • Old vases, tin cans, etc.
  • Non toxic glue
  • Some sandpaper

Step 1:

Cut the branches into small round shapes using shears.

Step 2:

Now glue the can and wooden slices together, beginning from the bottom. In order to ensure a strong hold, dab the glue on both can and wood.

Quick tip: Before gluing your items together, arrange them once so as to see how they will fit better. In awkward spaces, fit tiny pieces. If you are using an aluminium-can, cover it first, with coarse sandpaper so that the glue adheres.

Vase 3: Exquisite floral centerpiece

You wouldn’t need to shell loads of money on flower vases, when you’ve got everything right at home.

So here are the things you’ll need:


Step 1:


Pick your favourite flowers from the garden and gather all your supplies. Now take a large serving bowl and tape it both horizontally and vertically, from end to end (as shown in the picture)

Step 2:


Arrange your flowers in the grids. You can place your flowers in whatever way you want to.

The trial and error method work better as it helps you to choose between all the possible ways and patterns, in which you can orchestrate your flowers.


We love the final outcome!

Vase 4: An empty can flower vase

You cannot believe we’re telling you that you can make a flower vase out of a Pringles can.Well, the good news is that we answer in the affirmative. So let’s begin!

Things you’ll need:


  • A Pringles container
  • Small rocks
  • Grout
  • Super glue
  • Sponge

Step 1:


Pour a layer of glue on the empty can, and place the rocks in any pattern that pleases you. Repeat it, until the entire surface is covered with the rocks. Allow time to dry.

Step 2:


After the surface dries up, use a knife to spread the grout in sections. Before the grout starts drying, rub it well while pushing it in between all the rocks. Use a sponge to give it a better look. Do not stop until you have grouted the whole container.

Step 3:


Fill flowers in your vase and enjoy looking at your beautiful creation.

Vase 5: Pretty lace recycled jars

Empty food jars need not be thrown away anymore. They can be made into pretty things, with the help of some lace.

All you have to do is pick some empty jars like these:


Step 1:


Add a bit of pretty lace.

Step 2:


Now take some glue and cover your pots in different types of lace and ribbons.

Step 3:


Now add some flowers and see how beautiful they look!