5 Exercises to Hit Your Lower Abs in 15 Minutes

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Every morning your alarm tries its best to wake you up, but you feel too lazy to get up to workout. You stay laid till the last possible minute before you realize that in a week you have to attend your best friend’s wedding. You wish to drape your desired chiffon saree for the occasion… but the flab bulging out of your stomach shatters you. Yes, we have no time to exercise (excuse: hectic routine) and can’t trim down all the excessive fat in a week but here are some exercises towards belly fat, which will take just 15 minutes out of your schedule. You mostly run short of time but can still tone up your belly and abdominal muscles to flaunt your asset.Spare only 15 minutes and see the desired results in a week.

    1. Lie down on your back. Bend your knees. Breathe in and tuck the chin towards your chest. Breathe out and gradually bend your head, shoulder and neck away from the floor as you raise the arms to your feet. Stop and inhale. Gently return to the normal position and exhale.Do it for 8 times.
    2. Lie down and stretch your arms at the back.  Exhale and take your arms above your head and lift up your lower back. Slowly now try to touch your toes   by bending forward. Breathe in. Move back on the floor by breathing out.Do it for ten times.
    3. Lift your legs to 90 degrees and breathe in. Breathe out and bring your legs close to the floor. Stop for a moment and breathe in. Return to the normal position and start the same process.Do it for ten times.
    4. Lift up both your legs at 90 degree. Place your arms on your sides. Bend your hips just above your ribs as you breathe out. Lift up straight above reaching your feet. Inhale as you return downwards.Do it for ten times.
    5. (a) Be seated in crossed legs and extend your arms facing you. Make sure your finger tips touch each other and breathe in.(b) Breathe out as you move your upper body at 45 degrees to right and left. Keep your abs tight and upper body straight.Do it for ten times.

Think for yourself now. Sparing 15 minutes and following the steps above regularly would not only help you getting back to shape but will also keep you healthy, so to be in shape you don’t need to starve.