5 Exercises to Get a Perfect Butt

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What makes an attractive butt?? A great butt needs to be round, taut, firm, plump, and over all curvaceous. Every woman desires to have a butt like this but only a few have it in perfect shape. Are you tired of googling “exercises for butt”?  Well, my ladies then this is the perfect palce for you to read on!


Stand straight with hands on your hips. Step one leg forward and bend your knees. Now reapet the same with the alternate leg. Reapeat atleast 20 times with each leg.

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Back lunges is similar to front lunges, but the only diiference is that instead of going front, step backward with each alternate leg. Go slow to avoid any mishap.


Stand straight with  arms and hands in front of you. Keep your back straight and sit half way as you sit on a chair. Keep your knees at 90 degree just above the ground. Reapet this atleast 50 times. You can also take the help of wall and bend down.


A single step excersice, can be great to have a perfect ass. Play in your favorite song and step up to its tune. Aerobics can be great if combined with a stepper. Get going with one foot at a time.


It may sound a little difficult for you, but trust me its not that tough as you start doing it. Stand straight and keep your feet together. Bend forward and raise one leg behind. Hold on for ten seconds and reapet with the other leg. Reapet atlest 12 times.


With these stunning excersices tighten your butt and flaunt them with the skinny trousers lying waiting for ages. Combine these amazing exercises with cardio and a balanced diet. And within no time, you shall have a perfect heart  butt. Do share that which ecersice helped you the most?