5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dry Hair Ends

Are you fed up with dry hair ends? Actually, you’re not the only one! Each one of us faces the problem of dry hair from time to time. As the winter advances, the problem becomes more severe. Here are some effective ways to get rid of dry hair ends.

1. Get Your Ends Trimmed


It is a wonderful way to do away with damaged, dry and frayed hair ends. Trim your dry tresses and rid yourself from shabby and unsightly appearance. Trimming can improve the overall health and appearance of your hair.

2. Apply  Right Hair Moisturizing Ritual


Don’t be ignorant! Understand the difference between moisturizer and sealant. A sealant contains natural oils, like jojoba, olive oil, shea butter, and aloe vera gel, as the main ingredient. Contrarily, a moisturizer is a water based product, having aqua as the main ingredient on its product label. Hair are treated with a moisturiser first and then, with a sealant. Implement this hair ritual for moisturized and healthy hair strands.

3. Stay Regular With Hair- Conditioning  Procedure


To restore the health of hair, consistency and diligence is essential on your end. Give weekly deep conditioning treatment to your dry strands. The best hair- conditioning practice is (if you own resources)-  use ‘hair-steamer’ once a week, following to this, cover the hair with warm towel and then, finally give honey or some protein treatment to hair. Results will begin to appear in 2-3 months, if you stay tuned with the process.

4. Keep The Scalp Clean


A cleaned scalp is important for good health of hair. Sebum (oil) is released from pores and flows down to give natural moisture to hair strands. If pores are clogged, the secretion of serum is hampered and coiled strands affect the natural distribution of serum. As a result, hair faces dry and breaks, if pores of scalp are blocked and unable to breathe. So, provide a good cleanse to your scalp, regularly.

5. Style Hair Protectively


After careful cleansing, proper conditioning and deep moisturising of hair, give beautiful protective styling to them. Keep your hands out of wet strands.

Hope you will follow the suggested tips and enjoy long-lasting softness of your hair!