5 Effective Tips to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

There is a common anxiety among pregnant women which frequently bothers them is “how to get rid of the post baby fat”? The day you give birth to a new born you are delighted and elated but your happiness may despair after a while when you look at yourself in the mirror. You feel miserable by looking at your pre pregnancy clothes after you come home from the hospital. Gaining weight in pregnancy is natural… why to make a fuss over the extra pounds you gain? And with these few tips, new moms can get back into shape in no time!!

1. Breast Feeding

A tip for all the new mommies… feed your little ones as much you can because breast feeding not only helps you to lose those extra pounds but is considered best for the baby’s health. This is a good remedy for the new mommies as well as the babies too.

2. Slow Going

Relax and go slow!! You cannot thin down in a day or a month… it almost takes 8-12 months to get back in shape. Be patient and gather some realism in you. Crash dieting and heavy workouts are unhealthy ways to lose fat.

3. Cook Yourself

Cooking for your self is worth it. You will be cautious with the ingredients you use and the amount of calorie intake. Dining out may be a lot more tempting …but trust me you will be on the safer side if you know your servings.

4. Make Time

Work out when the baby is sleeping. Pop in some music and start your workout or dance to your favorite song. Don’t make an excuse of time because it’s you who is going to benefit in the end. Go for evening strolls with your baby. I am sure both of you will feel enchanted after a walk.

5.  Sleep Well

The most important of all: Sleep Well. You would neither be able to work out nor cook or do anything else if you did not have a sound sleep. It is very essential to take a sound sleep of 8-9 hours. Engage your hubby too in taking care of the child as this will save a lot of your time.

Relax! Pregnancy is the time to burry all your worries and lightening up. Give away all the strange desire for unhealthy food because at the end of the day- we are eating for two… right?? This the time to be OK with our expanding bodies not the time to fuss over.