5 DIY Makeover Ideas to Embellish an Old Boring Shirt/T-shirt

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If you are planning to throw away a few of your clothes, because they no longer interest you, have become dull and worn out; stop, and read along. We are here to provide you with 5 fantastic ways, in which, you can give a makeover to all your old tops. Fun, easy and smooth on your pocket, these creative ideas take you from chic to edgy. Pick your favorite ideas and infuse life in all those drab shirts!

1.   Ribbons


Pick a bundle of ribbons and iron them. Now twist them in any shape you like, and sew them over your shirt. We liked to layer it around the neckline of our shirt. For best results, we suggest you pick contrasts, as this will make your shirt/t-shirt more vibrant and fun.

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2.     Rhinestones or Studs


Nothing gets easier than this. Every town has a local store that stores up a lot of studs, beads, etc. So grab a few of these stones and embellish your shirt, any which way you want. Think about giving your old top a happy glittery life!

3.   Lace


The super feminine and pretty lace is very much capable of giving a wonderful makeover to a plain t-shirt. Pick a fine lace and sew it wherever you want- shoulders, border, neckline, hem, etc. Do not forget to use a transparent thread for the purpose.

4.   Sequins


Sequins are a favorite with us, and there are two ways of going about with this style. You can either hand-sew sequins on a certain portion of your t-shirt, such as neckline, hem, etc.; or, you can take a sequined cloth, cut it equal to the sleeves of your t-shirt and sew it along the edges.

5.    Going Floral


If you are good at drawing, great! Paint a floral design on your top (using fabric paint), and let it dry. In case you aren’t, cut a section of floral pattern (from a curtain, bed sheet, any other top, etc.) and sew it on your t-shirt.