5 Careers that Push You to Suicide

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We hardly get to see the cheerful working Folk around. Depression and unhappiness among professionals is on the rise. It is frustration, increased workload, job stress, and lack of appreciation and positive admiration that make one’s working experience rough and dissatisfying. As a result, suicidal tendency among professionals is growing fast.

Here, we list down the professions that carry the highest rate of risk:

1. Doctor


Why do the doctors who save others’ lives, kill themselves? Let’s explore the dark side of the profession.  From outside, their life appears awarding and prosperous, and certainly it is! But, social isolation, greater stress, easy way-in to lethal drugs, and blockade to get treatment leads to higher suicide rate in this challenging profession. Professionals of medical field are likely to have higher suicide rates than the average, that is, 1.94 times.

2. Comedian


You must be wondering, why I’ve added comedians who make you laughter, in the list of ‘life – ending’ professionals.  What adds so much depression to their job that they end up their lives? It is the pressure to be more entertaining and funny that cost them heavily.  They suffer from ‘sad clown syndrome’. Behind their lighters, there is unhappiness and loneliness, which makes them cry and self-murder their lives. According to a survey, the suicide rate among these performers is 1.90 times, which is more than average.

3. Author


You’ve witnessed the creative and imaginative power of the human mind, in a vast library of stories, poetry, and plays. But, this creativity comes with a sky-high price- the life of the creative mind!

Writing helps them to organise their thoughts and expel their feelings, but it doesn’t help them to rise above from the drowning water. They too battle with depression, suffer from mental illness, and their tortured mind seduces them to suicide. You would be surprised to know that authors are twice likely to commit suicide than normal mass.

4. Mathematician and Scientist


Mathematicians and scientists are undisputedly genius minds, residing on this planet. But they live a tortured and painful life. They go insane in an endeavor to prove theories and make discoveries. Their professional life is highly stressed and undergoes intolerable pressure. This inescapably leads them to commit suicide.

5.  Actor


Celebrities suffer from the addiction of how others speak out about them. Their entire thought process is driven by the world’s opinion. If people desire them, they will be on the top of the world, and if their popularity comes down, their life is shattered completely.   Its consequence is that they indulge themselves in depression and fall for drugs. Their lives are filled with agony and mental trauma. Actually, actors never give themselves a private time to face the reality. Consequently, they are pushed to self-murder.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” 
Lucius Annaeus Seneca