5 Care Tips For Your High End Designer Shoes

You’ve spent a fortune on those designer shoes, and you already see them getting worn and torn. Don’t fret; here are a few simple tips, to keep your shoes looking newer than new.shoe-care-tips

1. Re-sole them: Leather soles look gorgeous but, unfortunately, do not last long. So, before the leather sole of your shoe wears off, get it re-done with a sleek rubber sole.  You can either stick it to the entire base, or have it touch up only the tips so that no wear and tear happens in that area.

2. Replace the battered heel taps: Heel taps that have gone loose or are too thin come off easily from your heel, which can expose it to stubborn scratches. Once formed, there’s no getting away from them resulting only in replacement of your precious designer heels.

3. Don’t forget maintenance: Just like your little ego, your shoes need pampering too. So even if you don’t plan to wear them, keep them clean, conditioned, and well stored so that they keep looking wonderful even years down the line.

4. Keep them away from pets: Since our little innocent buddies have a habit of chewing on just about everything, the safest thing to do is to keep your valuable shoes away from those sharp teeth. Don’t keep them lying on the floor or anywhere within your canine’s reach; you will surely land up in tears.

5. Care is essential: You need to keep little things in mind if you want full value of those exorbitantly priced shoes. So, if you are the one who’s going to drive, make sure you aren’t wearing your suede shows because they are bound to get creased and chaffed otherwise. Also, if you will have to walk on the ground or uncarpeted areas, avoid wearing fair coloured shoes.