5 Best Homemade Astringent Recipes to Treat Acne

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A chemical compound or substance that shrinks or constricts the tissues is known as an astringent. It has great many uses in the cosmetic and medicinal field. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which help to get rid of bacteria and excess dirt from the pores and underlying skin.

Since, bacteria and dirt both contribute to breakouts, using an astringent to fight the problem would be a good option. They thoroughly clean the skin, prevent further occurrences, tone it and close the pores, thus sealing the skin and preventing the invading bacteria from making a comeback.


Often, dermatologists recommend the use of astringent for the treatment of acne. It is to be applied after washing/cleaning your face (can be used 2-3 times in a day). Though there are a number of astringents available in the market, a lot of stuff available at home can help you make one of your own. So, don’t hit the cosmetic store just yet, instead prepare your own astringent, and marvel at its efficiency.


5 Easy Homemade Astringent Recipes to Help You Fight Acne

1. Rose Astringent


Take a few rose petals along with distilled water. The petals should be fresh and not sprayed with any pesticide (For this, you can depend on the flowers in your own garden). Heat water until it boils, and slowly pour on the rose petals that are kept in a bowl. Leave it for about thirty minutes, and filter them in a way so that the water comes out. Now, pour the liquid in a clean bottle, and place in the refrigerator.

2. Sandalwood Astringent


To make this astringent, you will need sandalwood oil (eight tablespoons), almond oil (two teaspoons), honey (one tablespoon), rosewater (four tablespoons), orange flower extract (four tablespoons), and baking soda (five grams). Mix all the listed ingredients, and store in your refrigerator. Use a cotton wool to apply the mixture on your face.

3. Lemon-Hazel Astringent

Lemon-Hazel Astringent

This astringent is wonderful for people with an oily skin. All that you need to do is mix ¼ cup of lime juice and ½ cup of witch hazel together. You can apply the mixture to your neck and face, using a cotton ball.

4. Orange-Lime Astringent


Take half an orange and half a lemon; cut into thin slices. Now, take ¾ cup of ethanol alcohol. Combine the ingredients and blend them in a blender, until the orange and lemon is completely crushed. Separate the liquid and apply on your face. You can store the liquid in your refrigerator for up to six months. This astringent is good for getting rid of excess oil, pore tightening, and refreshing your skin.

5. Chamomile-Mint Astringent

Chamomile-Mint Astringent

Take dried mint (two tablespoons), dried chamomile flowers (two tablespoons) and water (four cups). Take all the mentioned constituents and put them in a saucepan. Now allow them to boil for about ten minutes. Wait for another five minutes. Now strain the liquid in a bottle. You can store this astringent in your fridge for approximately 15 days.

Other simple homemade astringents:

  • Cucumber juice (which is good for all skin types)
  • Rose water as it is gentle and mild (suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Tomato juice (beneficial for oily to combination skin)
  • Lemon juice (to be mixed with water)
  • Cedar vinegar and water (for effective toning and cleaning of your skin)
  • Green tea

Astringents have a revitalizing effect; they counterbalance the surplus oil from the skin, and impart a charming glow. They greatly minimize the chances of future occurrences of acne and pimples. So what are you waiting for? If your acne isn’t too severe, try these super effective tips at home, instead of rushing to a doctor. These will definitely help you fight your skin problem!