5 Benefits of Salsa Dancing


If five years ago somebody would have asked me “What is Salsa”? I would probably think about the spicy Mexican tomato sauce. I was unaware of this Latin dance form until I saw the song “touch me don’t touch me” from Dhoom 2. After seeing Bipasaha’s sensual Salsa moves… I was dawned into Salsa. Salsa has definitely made its way to Bollywood in the past years. Dance shows like DID and Jhalak Dikhla Ja have popularised this dance form in India. I have made this dance as a part of my daily fitness regimen. Dancing to the tunes of salsa can be so much fun, it’s simply magical, and it brings back life into my tiered soul. So, here we start our salsa session… 5 6 7 8 and see how this work out session can be rewarding!!

1.   Calorie Burn

Burning 300-400 calories per hour! Isn’t that amazing? Running on a treadmill is so boring as compared to dancing, moreover while running we burn only 4-5 calories per minute. All you need is to put on a peppy track and hit the floor without any extra efforts.

2.   Forever Young

Dancing keeps us physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. It retards our aging procedure as it keeps our cardiovascular system strong and healthy. Salsa also boosts our lung capacity. So, keep your anti-aging creams aside and start dancing.

3.   Reduces Stress

Office pressure! Troublesome kids! Household work! Husband stress! Break up’s! With all these worries in life you definitely need to rise up your “feel good” hormone otherwise you will mess up your life. Just get hold of a partner and go dancing.

4.   Healthy Bones and Toned Muscles

Salsa dance makes you use certain muscles which are rarely used in everyday activity. You tend to become more flexible and it causes prevention from deadly disease like osteoporosis.

 5.  Increased Energy

Salsa dance improves the flow of energy in the entire body. Your face starts glowing and the blood circulates faster enhancing a greater energy level. If you feel tired throughout the day, salsa dance can bring back the lost energy into your life.

So what are you waiting for? If you find it boring to hit the treadmill everyday… try out salsa! Get off your couch and start dancing because salsa dancing is just what the doctors prescribe.