5 Beauty Faux Pas You Must Avoid at All Costs

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Halloween inspired makeup is an obvious beauty faux pas. But do you know that there are other beauty crimes that we generally see people committing, but can’t do anything about? If you know your friends making these obvious blunders, get them to read this article. They’ll probably take a hint and act otherwise. And if you also find relating with any of these pointers, stop right away!

1. Chipped Manicure


A chipped manicure is an ugly sight, ladies! So if you find your nail paint coming off, spare a few moments and remove it at all costs. Next, apply a transparent gloss if you don’t have a lot of time on hand, or until you make your next visit to the parlour. Dark colors are easier to notice when they chip off, so if you running busy on some days, opt for more natural shades.

2. Excess Glitter


Nobody wants to resemble a Christmas tree or Diwali’s brightest firecracker. Bling is good, but too much of anything can be fatal. So avoid going overboard. If you want to add shine, wear light satiny or matte eye shadow, and let your base remain natural. Don’t cover your entire face with glitter; nobody wants to look clownish, right?

3. Freshening up Yesterday’s Makeup


Oh no! This one’s a serious no! Firstly, if you touch up yesterday’s makeup, it will not come out well. Your lipstick shade will not show the right color, or your kajal will not look neat. Secondly, this practice does not allow your skin to breathe, making it look all dull and lifeless. So make sure you clean your makeup at the end of each day. If you are too lazy, pick a good brand of wet wipes and avoid a repeat of this terribly unhealthy habit.

4. Going Wrong with the Lashes


Excessive long lashes have a tendency to appear like a spider’s legs (not to forget- they look awfully fake too). So go easy on the mascara. The perfectly thick and sexy lashes run the risk of looking scary if you apply more than two coats. Use your mascara in the limit so that your lashes don’t look tangled, messy, and crusted.

5. Too Much Hair


This is extremely unsightly, ladies. Get rid of whatever excess hair you have, trim your eyebrows, get your hands waxed, and remove the unwanted facial hair. There’s nothing wise in looking like a man when you are a perfectly good looking woman!

Cheers to staying beautiful!