5 Awfully Richest Teenage Celebrities!

Justin Bieber

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The 18 year old singer is the world’s richest teen celebrity! For his earning of $53 million, he is rated the richest teen celebrity of 2012.

Miley Cyrus

She is 19 and has 11 years success story of entertaining people! With enormous earnings of $48 million she stands 2nd among the richest teens of 2012!

Nick Jonas

Got famous at the age of 6 for the “barber shop”, he has made his way to singing, acting and what not! Rated 3rd richest teen of 2012 with earnings of $12.5 million a year!

Taylor Lautner

If there was a list of hottest teen, he’d have topped it effortlessly! Martial art expert, known as the ‘Jacob’ from twilight and the role from ‘abduction’ paid him $7.5 million making him the 4th richest teen celebrity.

Selena Gomez

With her extraordinary singing talent and cute bubbly face, she is 19 and has worked for 10 years already! She has yearly earnings of $5.5 million, which makes her another teen celebrity to get jealous with!