5 Awesome Indulgences: Cheap and Healthy!

1. Sleeping Beauty


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Haah! This one’s a favourite! Sleep is supremely cheap (at least to the heavy sleepers like me) and a wholesome indulgence. Quality sleep is extremely essential and imperative for your health, mood, and even appearance. Don’t be hard on yourself for extra- sleep, or for an occasional nap, or in between sleeping sessions! Our bodies and minds need rest and sleep; these are a big boost to a healthy life.

2. Get yourself a pedicure


If you’re a girl, you know the importance of happy feet! The world celebrates ‘feet day’ on the 15th of July every year, but that is not the only day when you should be pampering your feet. Well groomed feet, whenever you look at them, make you smile. If you aren’t too keen on pedicures, even a manicure would suffice. This is to give you an idea of feeling good about yourself, no matters what way you prefer.

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3. Desert, desert, and some more deserts…


If you aren’t calorie- conscious (and even if you are, there are plenty of low calorie sweets available in the market), hog on your favorite dessert. Be it a dark chocolate cake, the biggest bar of chocolate, candies or even homemade halwa, treat yourself to these desserts. It is very important to let one go and not always count what you’re eating. You can even dress up your dessert to serve it well. Savour each bite and feel like- you are already in heaven.

4. Relaxing bath


One of the foremost examples of a happy indulgence is a super bath. Not only are they super cool on your pocket, they leave you happy and contented. In the rush of everyday life, we hardly spend more than 10 minutes in the washroom, every day. Isn’t it wrong? Get yourself a wonderful smelling, creamy and lathery shower gel (and even some bath salts, oils, etc). Experience bathing rich and lavish on weekend! You might not take this advice too seriously, but trust us, and try this one!

5. Read


Reading is one of the best experiences you can give yourself. Grab a copy of whatever, that you enjoy reading- English classics, murder mysteries or romantic novels. Indulge yourself in a good book, to uplift your mood. Hit a library to grab the best seller’s book; also, you can borrow one from a friend. Don’t stay away of a good book!