5 Activities To Beat The Overactive Brain Syndrome

Overabundance of thoughts harasses us all day long. Yes, the thoughts that spawn from our overactive brain do cause suffering when we try to sleep, work, or study. You try hard to concentrate, but you get failed. Your mind simply says NO to go unruffled. Then, how to relieve from the superfluity of thoughts?

You can combat with your mind and arrive at serenity through various routes. Discover the top five ways that are aimed to win the war with your overactive brain:

1. Entertain Yourself


One of the easiest and best ways to tranquil your thoughts is to entertain yourself. To keep amused yourself – play online games, read books, give pedicure, solve crossword puzzles, play your favorite movie, play with your pet, listen to your favorite songs, and have manicure. You can indulge yourself in playing crazy games you used to play in your early days.

2. Fantasize


Build a castle in the air; it makes the brain work harder. You can fantasize about getting intimate with the most charming man of your college, driving your favorite car, or spending vacations at your favorite destination. Just let your imagination run riot! When you fantasize more, your brain activity increases more. As a result- it gets tired, you feel sleepy, and ultimately your super-active brain finds a break.

3. Converse With Yourself


Many things run in your mind at a time. Some running thoughts are positive while others are negative and unpleasant that ultimately leave you disturbed and distressed.

Vocalize your internal thought process and ponder over good, positive thoughts, popping in your mind. It gives psychological and emotional relief. Express to yourself; explain your actions and motives to yourself. This helps in dealing with inner tumult. Saying aloud your flowing thoughts and listening to them, help in better analysis of inner uproar.

4. Give Exercise To Your Body, Not Brain


Exercising keeps your body physically fit. No doubt, you all know about this. More than this, it also helps in refreshing your brain and its thought- process. The pointless ‘tough grind’, which our brain does, only brings anxiety and stress.

Make a routine to walk in a park. It will flush the cluttered and redundant thoughts, out of your mind. You will feel filled with the revitalizing energy.

5. Focus On Others’ Problems


Focus on problems, not yours but of your friends and relatives! When you focus on others’ predicament, your energy is bound to get sidetracked from the rubbish piled up in your mind, to weigh it down.

By this way you’re helping not just yourself, but also doing a huge favour to your buddy who is in real need of you.  Kill two birds with one stone!

We hope that the above tips will aid you to calm your anxious brain!