5 Absolute Unique Ways to Decorate Your Balconies

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We embellish living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and front lawns but forget to adorn balconies. The first thing we need to understand is balcony is not just a place for drying clothes and keeping extra junks. It is an area to sit and take pleasure in your cup of coffee, along with some fresh air. Add some charming decor and elegance to your balconies with my decorating ideas.

1. Bird cages


One of the trendiest things in interior designing! Birdcages are a fascinating decor, especially for the balconies. Place it as a center of attraction or on a console table, and figure out how it becomes the center of a party. Another variation is you can display two different sized cages at different heights and deck them up with candles and floral arrangements.

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2. Potted jars


Putting-up potted plants is a well-liked feature in balconies. Add a little flair and embellish the walls with ivy creepers. Buy a variety of vibrant pots. Lay them, vertically, over the balcony wall. Make two-three shelves and place them side-by-side. Choose light weight pots so that can be balanced properly.

 3. Lanterns


There is nothing more romantic than enjoying a candle-light-dinner, with your love in a cosy balcony. Create some warm sparks by lighting some paper lanterns, by hanging them across the balcony. For a colorful layout, decorate a series of lanterns that are different in shapes, size, and color.

4. A Quiet place


Once in a while, we all look for a serene place where we can sit and recall the moments, stolen from our lives. Make your patio a tranquil place where you can get-back on a lazy afternoon, by simply lining-up some cushions and bean-bags at the availability of space.

 5. Candles


One of the smartest ways to brighten-up a dull space is to light-up candles.  We can light-up aromatic candles, pillar candles, gel candles, and floating candles, to add a little tender touch. Decor your balcony with different candle stands of different forms and shapes.

Here are some pretty balcony layouts for you, to decorate your own balconies this season: