40 Amazing Dog Facts You’ve Never Heard Before!

Humans and dogs have been known to forge a deep bond since hundreds of years. And if you think you know everything about your furry friend, here are a few facts to appeal you because your pet is far more than just ball fetching and licking your feet.

Read on-


  1. The average dog can learn up to 165 words (Trust them to be smart at all times).
  2. Dogs are prone to imitating human yawns (and you thought only you were lazy).
  3. Each year, about 6 million dogs are detected with cancer.
  4. Your dog is the first one to know if you have cancer, epilepsy or diabetes.
  5. The sweat glands of dogs are situated in between their paws.
  6. Most dogs don’t like playing dress up (so stop making them wear pink hair bows, shades and ties).
  7. The most intelligent breed of dogs is the Border Collie.
  8. Dalmatian puppies are born spotless white. They develop their spots while they’re growing up.
  9. All puppies are born toothless, deaf and blind (Intriguing, isn’t it).
  10. Dogs do not understand when you point things out. They will only observe the tip of your finger and not the object you’re pointing at (so stop calling him “dumb” after every failed attempt).
  11. The only dog that cannot bark is the Basenji (Oow, poor thing).
  12. Dogs tend to get jealous. They want to grab your attention while you’re on the phone or talking to someone else (and your boyfriend is forever unaffected).
  13. The French poodle originated in Germany and not in France as the name suggests.
  14. In China, Pekingese were worshipped in the temples for centuries (and even had servants to cater to them).
  15. Dogs are not colour blind. They can indentify colors but not as sharply as humans
  16. A female dog, her companion and their pups are capable of producing 66, 000 dogs in a 6 year span if they aren’t sterilized or spayed (Some capacity these guys have!)
  17. Maturity of one year old dog is as strong as a 15 year old human.
  18. Dogs are capable of reading humans better than chimpanzees.
  19. If puppies are born caesarean or cleaned before being given to the mother, she often rejects them (Calls for a psychological study, does it not?).
  20. United States stands number one in terms of dog population, France takes the second place (what happens to India?)
  21. The average city dog lives 3 years more than a country dog.
  22. The number one health problem in dogs is obesity (reminds me of my tail-wagging-ever-ready-for-a-treat-doe-eyed-doggie!)
  23. 70% people also include the name of their pet while signing holiday and greeting cards (Aww, adorable!)
  24. 58% people include their pet in the holiday greetings.
  25. Dogs do not have a sense of “time” (haha, cute, confused creatures).
  26. Dogs do not have an appendix.
  27. The St. Bernard is the heaviest of all dog breeds.
  28. The Afghan Hound is the dumbest dog.
  29. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed.
  30. There are a total of 703 breeds of purebred dogs (Whoa!).
  31. A dog’s sense of smell is 1, 00, 000 times stronger than that of a human’s.
  32. Kubla Khan is the person who owned the maximum number of dogs, 5,000 mastiffs (Respect, Sir!).
  33. People who own dogs are known to live longer, have lesser heart attacks and suffer from comparatively less stress.
  34. Dogs are loyal to their owners because of companionship and love they give them and not because they provide them with food.
  35. If a puppy, in the first 3 months of his birth, has no to little human contact, he might not make a very good pet.
  36. All dogs have the identical anatomy- 42 permanent teeth and 321 bones (Sounds way sturdy and strong, eh?)
  37. Dogs can hear 4 times farther away sounds than humans.
  38. Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the bible.
  39. Female dogs carry their offsprings for 60 days until they are born.
  40. A majority of foot diseases that dogs face are basically a result of long toenails.amazing-dog-facts-2