4 Strongest Contestants to Win the Bigg Boss 7 Trophy

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No matter how much controversies they show, no matter how much people crib about the show, they still watch it and enjoy every moment of it. Many think that Bigg Boss is a scripted show and contestants fight inside just for the sake of TRPs and getting attention, but it is absolutely wrong. The show is a reality one and not at all scripted.

Imagine if someone locks you inside your house with no television or other mode of entertainment and you just need to eat, laugh, talk and cry with only few people around you, you ought to become frustrated and eventually, you will take out that frustrations on people around you. Every year, Bigg Boss invites contestants from all sorts of professions, to come and stay in the house. Few being quite and boring get evicted by public votes while few who really enthrall the audience and have a huge fan following, reach till last in the show.

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I have analyzed all the contestants in my previous article Analysis of big boss contestants and based on their fan following and behavior with the inmates, I have come with 4 strong possibilities to reach the finale. I have a gut feeling that one of these will go back to home with the Bigg Boss Season 7 trophy.

Possibility #1- Gauhar Khan


Since the very first day, Gauhar has been active in the house. I feel that she has got the leadership qualities to run the house as a captain. Gauhar is a sweet girl, but at the same time, she is very outspoken. She utters everything on the face and doesn’t keep anything filthy inside, which is a great quality of hers. Besides, she has a huge fan following. Especially those who have watched her show ‘Khan Sisters’ on Bindass, know the real side of her and that is why she has all the chances to hit the finale.

Possibility #2- Armaan Kohli


Though, Armaan is extremely short-tempered, arrogant, and very blunt for almost every inmate. But he reminds me of Vindu who won the trophy in season 2. Despite being opposed by each and everyone in the house, Vindu went back to home with the trophy, and I think Armaan is also moving on the same lines. Though he has a very less fan following but he is the one those who is adding ‘masala’ to the show, so people may vote for him so that they continue to have entertainment.

Possibility #3- VJ Andy


The format of selecting the contestant has been quite similar every year. Every year Bigg Boss invites a gay or a bi-sexual contestant to enter the house. By far, all such contestants have created  chaos in the house by their tantrums and bitchy attitude, but I must say Andy is quite different from all of them. He has rather made a soft corner in the hearts of viewers for being sweet, cute, and entertaining. One thing that I like the most about Andy is that he speaks everything on the face with so much of guts. Andy has got it all what it takes to reach the finale, and you never know he might be the winner of the season.

Possibility #4- Kamya Panjabi


Since day 1, Kamya has been playing the game fairly. It would not be erroneous to call Kamya a woman of substance. She has always taken a stand for herself in the house. Recently, Kamya shed into tears telling inmates that she got divorced 14 days before she entered the house, and she is in the house to overcome that loneliness in her life. She begged Gauhar to nominate her to move out of the house in evictions. But, Kamya has a very strong fan following, and I am sure that her fans are going to cheer her up by voting for her to the maximum. She will be able to repeat the history of winning the trophy like Urvashi Dholakia or not, we are going to watch it out.

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