4 Sassy Ways to Flaunt Your Dressing Style at a Lounge

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Lounges and bars are all about relaxing, drinking, and enjoying to the fullest, with ultimate fun and friends around you. Although a bar or a lounge is less lively than a club, yet you should look your best and class apart from rest of the people.

Today, I am going to tell you that how can you look your best with immaculate clothing and accessories, to make people stare at you all the time. Are you ready to get into the lounge avatar? Let’s go.


Types of Bars

You have to think about the kind of bar that you are heading to chill with your amigos. You have to decide your dressing, keeping in mind the kind of bar or the lounge you are going to land down at. Basically, there are four types of bars- dive bars where random people of your city gather to drink and socialize. These are not very reputed kind of bars. Next is a sports bar or pubs, then mid scale bars, and finally upscale bars that are on the roofs of big hotels of the city.

1. Dive Bar




If you are going to a dive bar just to chill for an hour with your friends, you need not to doll up a lot. Dress-up in a pair of jeans, boots (you can go for wedges as well), sly fitted top. Do not put a lot of make-up if you do not want to end up as buffoon of the gathering.

2. Pub or Sports Bar




Next is the sports bar or a pub. As the name suggests, you have to look very sporty for such kind of a bar. Wear your favorite sporty top or blouse along with a pair of denims or leggings (jagging will also work). Go for bright sneakers or other sports shoes, but keep it as bright as possible.

3. Mid Scale Bar




Up-next is a mid scale bar. Mid-scale bars are basically meant for people who wish to get rid of stress of the whole day. Often such bars have ‘after work happy hours’ for workaholics, to chill and have relaxing moments. If you are deciding to land down at mid-scale bar, then go for pencil skirts or high-waist slacks, blouse, and pumps. One can also opt for a sundress with gladiators, or simply flip-flops.

4. Upscale Bars




Finally, there are upscale bars that are located on roofs of the biggest hotels of the town. For such bars, you need to be dressed elegantly and sophisticatedly, to look your best. Pull in the best and bold dress from your closet. Accessorize it with a diamond bracelet. If you are opting for a tube dress, do not forget to wear something around your neck. Put on blush, mascara, and shadow, and you are ready to hit the floor in an ultra glam way.

So, now as I have told you the proper dressing code for each type of bar/lounge in the town, you will not get confused so as what to wear and when? Stay hassle free and keep following us for more such informative articles.