4 Amazing DIY Business Card Tutorials

If you are a working woman, you know the importance of a business card. Not only you do need them very often, they also help you make the very first impression. An aesthetically made business card shows your fine taste, while a cheap, lousy one may give an otherwise impression. Therefore, today, we are going to provide you some excellent tutorials on how to make your business cards more impactful and beautiful!

It is very important for your card to look appropriate for your business. For example, if you are into creativity, designing, etc., your card shouldn’t appear dull or boring. Likewise, if you run a business dealing in other areas (such as finance, other goods, etc.) your card shouldn’t be too trendy or funky. In short, your card should capture the essence of what your business is all about.


Read ahead to take inspiration from some of the best business card ideas ever!



First of all, pick a suitable font and size for your card. Make sure, you have listed out all the necessary details, which would be required by your prospective clients.


In this tutorial, which is for a design company, we have tried to incorporate a bit of liveliness to the card.

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1- Pick a good quality paper. Get your name, logo, company’s name, etc. printed on it. Remember to use a suitable layout and design for it.


Step 2- There are various cute paper cutouts in different shapes, available at stationery shops. These scissor-shaped pretty ones much served our purpose, so we picked these. Some already have glue on their backside, while, there are some that you can affix to your cards using super glue.


Step 3- Now, pick your craft scissor (we chose a zig zag one) and cut along the corner of your card.


Your amazing business card is ready for distribution. Yay!




This DIY idea is absolutely simple and easy to make.

First of all, get a custom stamp made, preferably of your company’s name. Grab an ink pad and your watercolor paints. All you need to do is stamp your company’s name on each of the cut out cards. Now, pick and choose your favorite color combinations and use them in any way, you want. We’ve done simple lines (because we wanted to keep it minimal). You can make little flowers, tiny polka dots, ribbons, etc. or anything that pleases you or rubs your imagination.

Business cards are a reflection of the kind of work, you do and your tastes; therefore, it is a very important tool in developing your overall business insight. Since, this business card idea is very easy to make, you can always change the design and layout of your card, depending on your mood and the client you are dealing with.




Here is another super sophisticated, no fuss DIY business card idea for all you sassy women out there.

All you need to do is first get your name, company’s name, designation, etc. printed on the front of the card. Since, we will not be doing anything else on this side, i.e. the front side, you can get it all printed in the centre as sticking to the sides will make your card appear very plain and incomplete. Also, because there is a lot of space available, you can get your website’s name and phone number printed for the benefit of your customers.

Next, on the backside, paint a single splotch of color using acrylic paint and brush. Nothing too fancy, just one stroke in the centre will be sufficient. When the paint has completely dried out, pick a pilot pen or a micron pen (in contrast colors). Since, we used peach here; the pen we opted for is dark blue to black. The image comes out well this way. Now, pen the details of a feather in the inside and on the border of your acrylic paint formation. Make sure they are neat and well painted.


Your card looks all set to take you places!



This DIY might be a little time consuming, but, is definitely worth the effort.

Things You Will Need

A personalized stamp, any empty box of cereals (we will make use of the cardboard box), little adhesive pearls, a printer, a sewing machine, a ruler, a pair of scissors and a pencil.

The Procedure

Step 1- First of all, flatten out the box of cardboard such that it looks like a sheet. Now, using a ruler cut out appropriate sized pieces in the shape of rectangles, all of the same size.


Step 2- Now on the backside, i.e. the plain brown side, stamp your personalized stamp on each piece of paper.


This is how it will appear.


Step 3- Now, sew three lines of thread using different colors at the top or bottom (wherever you like). We attached 25 cards at one go; this pretty much simplified our work.




Step 4- Now, cut them so that they become separate cards.


You can also get your URL printed in a small yet readable font and get it cut in tiny little pieces. Use a paper cutter to cut them in order to get a better finish.


Paste them on the reverse of your card.


Step 5- Stick the adhesive pearls. We pasted them on the circumference of the company’s logo for greater beauty and instant attention.


Isn’t your business card very pretty and one of a kind?


We hope these business card ideas make you stand out in the crowd and help you make an impeccable first impression (and, of course, get tones of business too)!