30 Best Foods to Cook This Winter

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The mellow and mist weather of India is the perfect time to relish winter recipes that keeps you warm and power packed.  So, if you are hungry… here are a few heart warming foods for you.

Let’s have something sweet first!

1.    Badaam ka Halwa

Of all the halwas I have eaten, I would say badaam ka halwa is the best sweet for winters. Almonds are simmered in sugar, milk and ghee till it is evaporated.

Recipe link: Delicious Badaam Halwa

2.    Hyderabadi Biriyani

Rice cooked with variety of spices that generates a divine aroma.

Recipe link: Hyderbadi Biryani Recipe

3.    Sarso Ka Saag And Makki Ki Roti

The recipe comes from a famous North Indian Recipe with dollops of ghee and gur on its top.

Recipe link: Recipe of sarso ka saag

4. Veg Tofu Soup

We all say “eat healthy” hence we have discovered this healthy soup for you this season.

Recipe link: Veg Tofu Soup Recipe

5. Amla Ki Subzi

Detoxifying tonic for all who want to be young throughout, power packed with the goodness of vitamin C.

Recipe link:  Recipe of Amla Ki Sabji 

6. Besan Ki Bharwa Mirch

Spicy stuffed mirch. Great combination of green chillies with besan.

Recipe link:  Recipe of Besan ki Bharwa Mirch

7. Chilli and Garlic Kabaab

A smoky kabaab preparation will warm you up in no time for sure!

Recipe link:  Chilli and Garlic Kabab recipe

8. Vegetable Jalfrenzi

Colourful and seasonal! The markets of India are filled with exotic veggies and fruits in the cold season. Enjoy this spicy seasonal veggie for your meal.

Recipe link: Recipe of Vegetable Jalfrenzi

9. Mutter Paneer Mushroom Masala

Paneer dunked in spicy and rich tangy gravy is a must try for all the paneer lovers.

Recipe link:  Mutter Paneer Mushroom Masala Recipe

10. Veg Momos

Spicy stuffed maida dumplings served with hot and sour garlic chutney is surely lip smacking this season.

Recipe link: Recipe of veg momos with red hot chutney

11. Broccoli with Paneer

Make this healthy veggie for your dinner and beg all the credit for your family’s good

Recipe link: Recipe of Broccoli with Paneer

12. Chicken Tikka

Delicious smoky hot chicken tikka is a perfect starter for any party.

Recipe link:  Chicken tikka recipe

13. Khasta Moong-dal Kachori

Crunchy spicy moong dal/ pyaaz khasta kachoris will definitely hit your taste buds craving for more and more.

Recipe link: Recipe of Moong ki Dal ki Kachori

14. Chocolate Brownies

For those times when all you want is… chocolate!

Recipe link: Recipe of Chocolate Brownies

15. Fruit Salad

Make the most out of the season of fruits with this plate of fruit salad.

Recipe link: How to Make Fresh Food Salad

16. Vegetable Pie

A vegetable pie will take care of you this cold season.

Recipe linkVegetable Pie Recipe

17. Broccoli Soup

Healthy and peppery green soup with spring onions and garnished with walnuts.

Recipe linkRecipe of broccoli soup

18. Bajre Ki Roti

Thickly rolled smoke flavoured rotis, cooked over cow-dung cakes in villages, served with lehsun ki chutney.

Recipe link: How to cook bajre ki roti

19. Mexican Pepper Pizza

Try this classic pizza made from mushrooms and hot peppers.

Recipe link:  Mexican pepper pizza recipe

20. Maggi Noodles

We don’t need a recipe link for this… do we? What’s better and comfy than magi for a lazy afternoon? Right?

21. Gujrati Kadhi

A sweet and sour Guajarati kadi served with rice and papad is simply marvellous in the cold.

Recipe Link: Recipe of Gujrati Kadi

22. Aate ka Malpuaa

Crispy malpuaas, flavoured in saffron syrup made up of wheat flour. A delightful dessert from Udaipur.

Recipe Link: Recipe of atta malpua

23. Begun Bhaja

Begun bhaja a Bengali delicacy fried in mustard oil cooked with a tinge of turmeric.

Recipe Link:  Begun bhaja recipe

24. Khaman

A delicious lip smacking tea time snack originated from Gujarat.

Recipe Link: Khaman Recipe

25. Luchi with Aloo Dom

A breakfast comprising of luchi and aloo dom will make surely make your day.

Recipe Link: Recipe of luchi and aloo dom

26. Dal, Bati and Churma

Stuffed and baked wheat dumplings served with dal made up of five lentils along with lip smacking churma.

Recipe Link: Recipe of dal baati churma

27. Soya and Baby Corn Stir Fry

A crunchy healthy stir fry made up of baby corn and soya nuggets.

Recipe Link: Recipe of soya and baby corn stir fry

28. Tandoori Vegetables

A perfect lip smacking tandoori vegetable… vanished in no time.

Recipe Link: Tandoori vegetables recipe

29. Chole and Kulche

Spicy and mouthwatering combination of chola and khulcha a favorite street food of family and friends.

Recipe Link: Recipe of chole kulche

30. Idli and Dosa

If you are bored with the Indian cuisine go for south Indian platter. Serve soft idli’s and dosa’s with homemade batter.

Recipe Link: Idli Dosa Recipe

This is my menu for winters for all the food lovers. Hope, you enjoy the exotic flavours and cuisines of India.

Happy cooking!