3 Games to Inculcate Leadership Qualities in Your Child

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What can be better than this, if your child gets to tune up his leadership skills or to discover what it takes to become a leader through fun-filled leadership games? Leadership games help children to work with others and think out of the box. Learning through games is great in every arena.


Here are the best leadership games for your child-

1. The Blindfold Game

The game is that non-blindfolded partner helps blind-folded counterpart to find out the object kept in the room. To play this game, divide children in a set of two. Blindfold the member of one team and leave the other team-members non-blindfolded. Blindfolded and non-blindfolded will stay outside and inside the room respectively. Then, two objects are placed inside the room and blind-folded has to look out for the object without any verbal help from his non-blindfolded counterpart. This game brings out leadership qualities in children.

2. Get into Shrinking Circles!

To play game, take the rope of 4 different lengths- 20 feet, 15 feet, 10 feet and 5 feet. Rope ends are tied to form a loop.  Loops are placed on the surface. Game begins by getting all the players inside the loop of 20 feet. As the game proceeds, loops shrink and players have to fit themselves in it, ensuring no player touches the floor outside the circular rope. It is an enjoyable and instructive leadership game. As the circle shrinks, the team has to think of innovative ideas to fit its members into the shrinking circular lopes. Since the goal of team is common, so a leader emerges to direct the rest to accomplish the set task.

3. Tangle and Detangle

All players hold each others’ hand to form a chain. Two players which are at the terminal end will have their one hand free. Using their free hands, they have to grab the one who is not a part of chain. The idea is to get tangled and detangled but don’t release the grip.