3 Foods to Avoid that Fasten Ageing

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Do you want your complexion to look smooth and youthful? Who doesn’t? What you don’t eat is sometimes as important as what you eat, when it is about your complexion. To put your pretty looking face forward, keep the following food off your plate or to a minimal:

Saturated Fatfoods-to-avoid-ageing-fast-saturated-fats

Minimize the Consumption of saturated fats, especially those coming from dairy products like- cheese, butter, ghee, and also from dried coconut, processed meat, etc. Marbled meat also contains saturated fats. Marbled meat is basically a red meat that contains intra-muscular fat. These items induce ageing of skin.


foods-to-avoid-ageing-fast-sugarStarchy and sugary foods like bread (white), potatoes, and pasta- accelerate ageing. Refined carbohydrates and sweets elevate the glucose level in the blood, which increases the end products of glycation; which in turn, obstruct the repair of elastin and collagen, which makes skin to maintain its shape.



Except red wine, all alcoholic drinks take a toll on your skin. When it is metabolized in the liver, free radicals are generated, which are an enemy of skin and dries out the skin.

Enjoy younger and wrinkle-less look!