28 Travel Accessories That Are Too Cool to Resist for Your Next Trip

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Be it a road trip with friends, studying abroad, self-realization trips or your next business meeting in another city, traveling is unarguably the best part of our life. There are so many different places on this earthly sphere which demands to be explored by our gypsy souls. But sometimes, it can be a bit of a pain to pack right and have a comfortable trip. I mean, how much of your comfort zone can you possibly fit in one suitcase. Well! All of it. Have a look at these really cool travel accessories and you’ll get the gist of it. Some are the essentials that make your life so much easier while traveling and some are just too cool to resist. Go for it.

1. Compact  Umbrella

cool travel accessories 1

There are many of these available in the market. They just fold and fold until they become really small. Easy to carry. This will save you from unexpected showers or scorching sun. Don’t stay indoors coz of monsoon or heat anymore and be ready to explore the city.

2. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

cool travel accessories 2

Because we just can’t compromise with our music! There are plenty of these available, and you can get some really good deals online. These really handy speakers are quite loud, and you will be the one who brings the party with them.

3. Waterproof Phone Case

cool travel accessories 3

A waterproof phone case lets you jump into the ocean head first without thinking of who to entrust your phone with. It’s quite practical and really useful. You won’t have to rush to find a shade if it starts raining. It just saves a lot of troubles.

4. Power Bank

cool travel accessories 4

A power bank is a must with all the gadgets we carry with us. There are some really cool solar energy power banks too. So you don’t have to find a charging slot and electricity every time your battery dies. There are a lot of compact power banks available.

5. USB Roll Up Charger

cool travel accessories 5

Ah! We really need a lot of power. This will work even after the power bank drains out. This USB roll up charger will save you from the trouble of carrying different chargers of different devices and trying to find the one among the jumbled wires while you are in a moving bus. Well, thank me later!

6. Electronic Luggage Scale

cool travel accessories 6

It’s better to be sure rather than guessing your luggage. You don’t wanna pay all that extra money at the airport for extra luggage. So, pack light, shop right, and this electronic luggage scale will keep you grounded.

7. Inflatable Pillow

cool travel accessories 7

Inflatable stuff could be of great help when you are travelling. Get your hands on an inflatable hoodie pillow for a sound sleep in long flight, or on uncomfortable beds.  Besides, the attached hoodie is such a good idea which you will know once you use it.

8. Hanging Cosmetic and Toiletries Bag

cool travel accessories 8

This hanging multipurpose bag is such a thoughtful invention for every traveler. You don’t need to dig your baggage and unpack every time you need anything. There are separate columns for toiletries, cosmetics, etc., or you can personalize it as you want. This folds up to become compact.

9. Action Video Camera

cool travel accessories 9

Action video cameras are a must for an adventure trip. Be it your take on crazy adventure sports or a trek to explore the unexplored, these cameras let you keep the memories with you.

10. Wine Pouches and Bags

cool travel accessories 10

Because you deserve that bottle of wine on your trip! This is a very useful travel gadget to keep your wine and rest of the luggage separately. This would ensure there’s no leakage, and you can travel carefree.

11. Sand Imprint Flip Flops

cool travel accessories 11

This is because they are just so cool! C’mon, we can cheat the practical and the logical sometimes for some swagger. These personalized sand imprints flip flops are a must for your next beach trip.

12. Jacket Gripper

cool travel accessories 12

Not only will this unburdens you with carrying your jacket around, but also this can be a great tool to reduce your luggage at the airport. Just take your heaviest outfit and tuck it with your handbag. Easy-peasy!

13. Labeled Shoe Bags

cool travel accessories 13

These are such an angel when you are a shoe lover and want to carry so many to go with each outfit. So, you won’t have to open up each packet to find the one for the occasion. The labels can be personalized as per your needs.

14. Cordless Portable Hair Stylist

cool travel accessories 14

Get rid of all the hassle to find a plug switch, electricity and all just to get your hair right. This is great for the last minute touching up your hair. It comes with a temperature controller and battery.

15. Filter Water Bottles

cool travel accessories 15

Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink! Well, now you can carry drinkable water in these filter water bottles. Enjoy your travel without the fear of all those gross sounding waterborne diseases.

16. Kindle

cool travel accessories 16

This is probably the universal favorite gadget for travelers and readers. You don’t need to carry all those books with you if you have your Kindle. And you can also get the book to go with your trip with all the necessary information at one hand touch.

17. Swiss Card Tool Set

cool travel accessories 17

This card-sized tool box can perform 13 clever functions. You can carry out simple repairs. There’s a bright LED light as well. All this is just too good for this pocket-sized toolbox.

18. Secret Money Belt

cool travel accessories 18

This is a must have while traveling coz you need to keep safety first. Looks like a normal belt, but has a concealed zipper pouch for keeping money or jewelry safe.

19. Colorful Luggage Tags

cool travel accessories 19

These colorful luggage tags will keep your spirits high during the trip. After all, what traveling is good for if it doesn’t fuel some passion into you? These bright tags set the mood right on track.

20. Dry Gear Bags

cool travel accessories 20

It’s great to take pictures, listen to songs, read books on your Kindle on the beach, but when you get into the water make sure you have a lightweight, dry bag with you. It’s a lifesaver, trust me!

21. Light Compact Sleeping Bags

cool travel accessories 21

These are great as they serve you in needy times and won’t take too much space. Nowadays, there are ultra light and compact sleeping bags available. They’ll save you from a lot of trouble in trains, buses, and dicey looking accommodations.

22. Makeup Removing & Cleaning Pads

cool travel accessories 22

Ever tried washing your face in the airplane basin? Well! Then there’s no need to tell you why these cleaning pads are a must have. They will save you a lot of trouble while traveling and also keep you fresh.

23. Lightweight Sling Bag

cool travel accessories 23

A sling bag is a must for your outdoor trips. It’s convenient, and you can carry all the stuff you need throughout the day, like a water bottle.

24. Initial Luggage Tags

cool travel accessories 24

If the bright, colorful luggage tags are too much for you, then these initial tags will help you identify your luggage quickly at the luggage carousel. After all, what can be a bigger nightmare than losing your luggage in a foreign land?

25. Personalized First Aid Kit

cool travel accessories 25

Make your own first aid kit with the help of your doctor. This should be made keeping in mind the country you are going to, the things you are prone to, your general immune system, etc.

26. Tick and Insect Repellent Wipes

cool travel accessories 26

These insect repellant wipes save you from a lot of troubles. They will keep disease-causing mosquitoes and insects at bay. These wipes have 30 percent DEET in water base that slowly evaporates with minimum skin absorption. Unlike any other insect repellant sprays, these are allowed in your baggage.

27. Convertible Dress

cool travel accessories 27

There are so many of these amazing convertible dresses which can be worn in so many styles that you can’t even imagine. Do keep one such pair in your bag as you never know what the trip holds for you. A surprise date or a business convention!

28. Mesh Bags

cool travel accessories 28

Mesh bags are great to keep a lot of stuff, and you will really need a few of these. If you put your dirty laundry in these bags, the clothes can breathe and your whole baggage won’t stink.