27 Interesting Facts about your Breasts

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Since the beginning of the time, women’s breasts have been a focus of attraction and fashion. We talk about them, test them, dress them, change them and at times we even fear them, but how much do we know about them. Breasts are one of the most valuable assets for every woman. They are beautiful, warm, bouncy, soft, curvy, sexy, and sensitive. Apart from these, there are some facts about breasts that we don’t know. Breasts symbolises femininity and beauty and they even help in arousing physical desires.

So, here are the facts about your breasts that you didn’t know.


1) Everyone has hair strands on their areolas. It works as a turn off for males, but it is a fact. Women have 2-15 strands of straight and dark hair. You can pluck them with tweezers or simply can trim them.

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2) You need to take some special care of your lovely assets, don’t keep them sweaty, especially, the area in between, because right below your breasts there are oil glands, which might cause pimples and blackheads on them.

3) The texture of your breasts changes during the menstrual cycle. Your boobs are the smoothest, in the days immediately after having your periods. During the periods, your breasts would be swollen, painful and tender due to the increased level of progesterone. When you are not on periods, your boobs are the most sexually active body part, because of high estrogens level.

4) Breasts are one of the most sensitive areas of a woman. Your breasts can be sunburned, even if you wear a bra and a swimsuit. You should apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 15, with UVA and UVB protection. If you don’t do it, very soon you will see brown spots and premature wrinkling on your lovely pairs.

5) The average weight of your boobies is 0.5 kg, and each breast contains 4-5% of your body’s total fat.

6) Every woman has a different shape and size of nipples. Every varying nipple size points towards different directions.

7) Well don’t be scared if you have 3 nipples. Yes, women can have three nipples instead of two, but it is very rare. Well if, you have one, then you can locate it somewhere just below the official ones; it looks like a mole.

8) If you are a hardcore smoker, then kindly stop smoking immediately, because smoking causes breast sagging.


9) As you become old, your boobs become fat, because with the age, collagen and glands shrink and are replaced with more and more fat. With time, the extra fat will make your boobs sag. You can delay by wearing underwire bra, but you cannot stop sagging.

10) Women started to wear a bra in the 1930s; before that, they used to wear a fitted corset to elevate the breasts.

11) You can inherit the breast size from either the paternal or the maternal side of the family. So, don’t worry if your mother has B size and you have D.

12) Forty-seven percent of men notice breasts before even looking at the face, whereas only 20% of them stare at the face. A normal man stares longer on the woman breasts than on any other body part.


13) Breasts usually starts to grow at the age of 10 and don’t stop growing until you are 20. So if, you wanna have natural big boobs, then you can have it only till the age of 20.

Note: boob size might increase, if you gain weight.

14) Having large breasts are no fun. Yes, you heard it right. Big breasts can cause severe back pain, shoulder pain and poor posture.

15) Men think that women with big breasts are likely to have more interest in sex, rather than women with small boobs. Well, it’s a myth.

16) The size of the breast doesn’t influence the cleavage. It’s not necessary that a woman with big boobs has a nice cleavage; in fact, a woman with small boobs at times can have great cleavage. Women whose breasts are fuller in the middle are more likely to have the greater and best cleavages than to those, who have big boobs.

17) If you don’t wear sports bra during jogging or exercising, then sooner or later, you will have sagging breasts and you might even have pain in your breasts.


18) No two breasts are of the exactly same size, in fact, the left side boob is usually the larger one than the right side boob. However, the difference is minor and difficult to notice.

19) If you regularly exercise the pectoral muscles on your chest, then your breasts will get perkier and will give an illusion of having a sexy cleavage. Chest presses and push-ups are great exercises for boobs boosting bets.

20) United States of America alone has 2 million women, who had breast implantation. The average age when a woman gets her implants done is, 34 years, and 6% of women are not satisfied with their implants.

21) Milky Way Galaxy was named so, because ancient Greeks thought that the galaxy was made from the drops of milk from the breasts of the Greek Goddess Hera, while she was feeding Hercules.

22) Sleeping in an upside down position can at times de-shape your breasts. The best position is to sleep on your side it keeps your breasts firm and in shape.


23) Just like penis, your breasts will enlarge when you are sexually aroused. The nipples become hard due to erection. The average size of the nipple when erected is, 3/8” (approx 10 mm).

24) Sheyla Hershey has the biggest boob job ever. Her boob size is 38KKK. She had nine surgeries and gallons of silicone implanted in her boobs. Annie Hawkins Turner pseudonym Norma Stitz has the Guinness World Record to have the world’s biggest natural breasts. Her breast size is 102ZZZ.

25) To roam around in bare breasts is legal in some of the states of USA. New York, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Maine, Colorado, and Ohio; here you can roam even without wearing a bra. Gotopless.org is an organization in the United States of America that claims the right for women to be bare-chested in the public places, just like men. Well if, you someday visit USA and find women on the roads, protesting and topless, you will know that it is the same organization.

26) The biological purpose of breasts is to feed the baby. Males also posses mammary gland and can also produce milk. Lactation in men happens usually because of the hormonal treatments for the ailment, like cancer.


27) A survey by a bra maker brand, Triumph, revealed that the British women in Europe have the biggest breast sizes. The study showed that more than half of the British women wear the bra of cup size D. Denmark came second, and Holland was third. Whereas, it revealed that Italian women have the smallest breast size and they usually wear cup size B.