21 Hottest Celebrities to Lust After

1. Ranbir Kapoor


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Reason: Simply, he is RANBIR KAPOOR! You need no further reason to love him. Looks, acting skills, and the Kapoor legacy, Ranbir has everything that it takes to be the biggest star of Bollywood. The Casanova thing, which he comprises, appeals and attracts.

2. Arjun Rampal


Reason: India never produced a hot male model before. Be it the ramp, or casual off- screen appearances, Rampal is dressed to the nines and looks effortlessly sexy.

3. Akshay Kumar


Reason: Wine gets better with age and so does Akshay Kumar! He’s aced every action, stunt and that nerve on his forehead apparently leaves every girl weak in the knees.

4. Rahul Khanna


Reason: He defines sophisticated sexy! He is not just ultra classy, but those eyes know all the cute tricks. We cannot stop drooling, seriously!

5. Amitabh Bachchan


Reason: The big daddy of Bollywood, Mr. Bachchan has been looking incredibly sexy and composed, for a long time now. The fact that someone can continue to look so great, for so long, is enough to keep us going!

6. Omar Abdullah


Reason: This man talks substance! He has all the ‘wanted’ characteristics, required in a man: He isn’t showbiz; he isn’t glamour; he makes intelligence and looks sexy. Omar knows what he’s doing and floors us, every time he gives those hard hitting speeches!

7. Hrithik Roshan


Reason: If he reminds people of Greek Gods, well, so be it. Though Hrithik isn’t a personal favourite, he makes girls go weak and soft. That built, and those deep- set- eyes have something incredible.

8. Farhan Akhtar


Reason: He gave us Dil Chahta hai. He’s super and multi- talented and possesses that husky voice. Farhan (like Amir Khan) doesn’t make crappy cinema, and whatever he does, he does it bloody well!

9. Ryan Gosling


Reason: He might not be conventionally hot, but he hits the “Aww, he’s so cute” chord, in your head right away. No one can ever tire of watching The Notebook and the boy! He acts so beautifully!

10. Robert Pattinson


Reason: He’s a sexy vampire (forget all the stupid things they made him do). Watch him in Remember Me; Rob makes you want to squeeze him real hard in your arms, whenever he flashes that adorable toothy smile.

11. Eric Dane


Reason: McSteamy is the hottest surgeon in the history of surgeons. Apart from the fab story, he’s one of the reasons why I follow Grey’s Anatomy religiously. We wish every surgeon/doctor/nurse would have been as good- looking as him!

12. Ian Somerhalder


Reason: We want a vampire (which looks exactly like him) in our lives too. There’s something irresistible about these scheming bloodsuckers. Damon Salvatore, you take our breath away!

13. Robert Downey Jr.


Reason: He is the prime example of bad boy gone very good. He’s spent time in jail for doing drugs and driven naked. Fallen asleep in a stranger’s house is among other things. After this, he turned his life and gave us the brilliant Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

14. George Clooney


Reason: Clooney knows style like none other. He is charming, suave and dashing. We’re sure that he derives his youth from some magical fountain or secret potion, and only he has access to that.

15. Bradley Cooper


Reason: That infectious smile and set of exquisite blue eyes are worth a million dollars. Gazing at him in The Hangover (and II), made us want a teacher like him. Brad, you simply cannot be outdone.

16. Patrick Dempsey


Reason: McDreamy!! Oh McDreamy! Those luxurious man hairs, that good- boy image, and that soft Derek are every girl’s dream! He’s mushy, cuddly, and the best neurosurgeon in the history of television.

17. Ashton Kutcher


Reason: Those eyes, smile, and hair! If you don’t have this undeniable urge to ruffle his hair, each time you see him, you must be absolutely insane! We loved him in Two and a Half Men and No Strings Attached.

18. Cristiano Ronaldo


Reason: This guy is super smooth on eyes- almost like butter! His photo- shoot for Emporio Armani melted us right away. He plays perfect soccer! Can anything ever get hotter than a hot sportsman!

19. David Beckham


Reason: Undoubtedly, he is the best looking sportsman in the world, Becks is pretty capable of making our hormones jump and turning us into crazy teens. Whether it’s the Armani underwear campaign or a day out with baby Harper, this guy scores a 10 on 10 for everything!

20. Jude law


Reason: Jude holds a special place in our heart! And a very special one, indeed! He’s the perfect actor and has the perfect British accent (which makes us want to hear him talk, endlessly) and God! Even that mouth is so perfect!

21. Gerard Butler


Reason: That raw masculinity, soulful puppy eyes, and endearing character make Butler purely adorable. Remember, PS I Love You!