20 Super ‘Anti-Cancer’ Food

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Not all health troubles are stoppable! But yes, you can gain control over your health, support it and escape from the risk of many diseases, including CANCER! Research says majority of cancer related deaths are result of unhealthy lifestyle- drinking, smoking, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.  Limiting the intake of alcohol, avoiding cigarettes and exercising regularly are a good beginning for an ‘Anti-Cancer’ lifestyle.

What you eat and what not- got a powerful impact on your health conditions. Your ignorance for healthy eating habits may fuel cancer. By following the mentioned diet, you can reduce the risk of the disease and probably even terminate tumor cells in its track-

1. Seaweed and Other Sea Vegetables


They are rich in essential fatty-acids that help in fighting against the breast Cancer.

2. Sweet Potatoes


They hold several anti-cancer properties that protect cell from cancer causing chemicals.

3. Tomatoes


Contain an anti-oxidant, lycopene that attack the free radicals that trigger cancer in the body. Its consumption reduces the risk of developing mouth, prostrate, breast, colonrectal and pancreas cancer.

4. Soy Products


It helps in killing prostrate and breast cancerous cells. But, you need to take some precautions before considering include soy products in your diet.  Eating upto 4-to-5 ounces of soy a day is okay. Excessive consumption leads to hormonal imbalances that trigger cancer.

5. Red Wine


Red wine contains polyphenols even without alcohol. It is an antioxidant that prevents cancer. Alcohol is toxic to the nervous system and liver, and also a class ‘A’ carcinogen that actually cause cancer. Therefore, you should stick to non- alcoholic drinks.

6. Papayas


It contains folic acids (folacin) that minimizes the chances of developing cervical cancer and also certain other cancers.

7. Grapes


Contain resveratol that destroys an enzyme that suppresses immune system and stimulate growth of cancerous cells.   It also contains ellagic acid that slows down growth of tumor.

8. Nuts


The antioxidants (campferol and quercetin) that nuts contain inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. In case you are allergic to the nuts-protein, then avoid taking nuts. Instead take selenium supplement.

9. Raspberries


Contain many minerals, vitamins and anthocynanins antioxidant that will protect you against cancer. According to a research raspberries possess more cancer inhibiting properties than strawberries and blueberries.

10. Lemons and Oranges


Contain limonene that stimulates cancer destroying immune cells, thus have cancer suppressing properties.

11. Mushrooms


Build the immune system of body and help the body to destroy cancerous cells. Recent studies in Japan have shown mushrooms as an adjunct to chemo-therapy.

12. Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cabbage


These greeny leaves work best to combat breast cancer. Broccoli also prevents rectal and colon cancer. Bitterer the broccoli is, better it is to inhibit the cancer growth.

13. Chili Peppers and Jalapenos


Are good in inhibiting cancers like stomach cancer.

14. Garlic


A number of compounds that garlic contains protects the body against the cancer, particularly colon, skin and lungs cancer.

15. Grapefruits


Are great in inhibiting the growth of breast cancer causing cells in vitro.

16. Flaxseeds


It contains lignans that act as an antioxidant to suppress or block cancerous changes. It is helpful particularly for treating heart illness and colon cancer.

17. Licorice Roots


Contain a chemical that suppresses a component of testosterone. Thus suppresses the proliferation of prostate cancer causing cells.  Its excessive consumption may cause blood pressure related problems.

18. Avocados


Are useful in treating liver cancer. They contain glutathione, an antioxidant to attack free-radicals.

19. Green Tea


It contains flavonoids that reduce the risk of liver, colon, prostate and breast cancers.

20. Carrots


Are rich in beta carotene that reduces the chances of developing a number of cancers- mouth, lung, throat, intestine, stomach, prostate, bladder and breast. Uncooked carrot benefits more.

Bear in mind, a physically active lifestyle is equally important to prevent cancer as the healthy diet.