20 Most Hilarious Pictures Ever That Tell India is ‘Awesome’

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India is a land of strange things. We observe strange happening things on streets which are not only funny but also weird at the same time. And when we witness those things, as Indians we can proudly say “it happens only in India”.

Here is a collection of some hilarious pics which I have put together for you to watch the funny sight of India.

1.  After spider man, iron man and batman meet our brick man. 

2.  Who is posing with whom? God knows!

3.  Our deaf cop- the voices of our common masses doesn’t reach his ears.

4.  Well read child… you just did it!

5.  No wonder…why we love our offices so much.

6.  Where are the calendar gals lost Mr. Malya? Looks like you have figured out a new way to make up for your losses.

7.  The Indian railways are discovering new ways to  accommodate passengers.

 8.  Come hell or high water! I will stay clean shaven till I’m alive.

9.   Travelling is in our blood!

10.  Send your children here at your own risk!

11.  Indian police examination- “10 on 10 for super sexy ribs”.

12.  O gosh! What I did I read? When did we turn man eaters? I mean women…!

13.  Cooking Tandoori ‘Bum’? Warning-Direct contact with fire may lead to serious injury!

14.  So what if I don’t have a tooth line, I still have a beautiful jaw line that would get me good business.

15.  Santa’s Indian Version…uhh..any problem dude ?

16.  Wait…Can’t you see I am doing something more important ?

17.   Heights of competition..LOL !

18.  A  tale of two beggars.

19.  We think you have misspelled the word “counter”. Forever is the apt word.

20.  Unity in diversity…. That’s the reason we love India.