20 Interesting Questions to Ask yourself Today!

When we are all absorbed in the fast pace of life and our jam-packed routines, we often feel the need to relax and sit back for a while! But the mantra is not only to relax but to ask questions to yourself  so that everything you do makes sense. Often we are so lost in knowing others that we lose the bond with our own self, and then there are moments when you can’t even recall when was the last time you thought about your choices and your favorites in life. After all, life is too precious to waste and sometimes asking the right question is also the answer!

Here are a few wonderful questions you must ask yourself, today!

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So now that you’ve got the answer of all these questions, do you feel you have better acquaintance with yourself? It is an amazing feeling to be friends with oneself. You can also make a question book in which you write the answers pertaining to these questions. And years later you’ll thank me for this idea as the diary will make you witness your own life.

We’d like to hear some more questions you feel one should ask oneself. Post your suggestions as we more than need it! Cheeze