20 Everyday Situations When you Shouldn’t Give up!

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1.  When you were already late for the office and you miss the bus

Coz you were anyway gonna reach late to the office !

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2.  When a pimple breaks out just the same day you had a special date

Coz now it’d be reasonable to buy that expensive concealer!

3.  When you can’t sleep at night and there’s nothing worth watching on TV

Coz T.V is anyway idiot box!

4.  When you spill all your juice on the floor and mom catches you

Coz you can still impress her by mopping the floor instantly!

5.  When you are terribly hungry and your best friend’s order comes before you

Coz you can share his food! After all, he is your best friend!

6.  When your girlfriend does this to you

Coz some people think it’s cute!

7.  When your mom still treats you like a 2 years old

Coz all moms are like that!

8.  When you are startled thinking something is gonna hit you but it wasn’t

Coz it didn’t hit you!

9.  When you realise how completely unwelcomed you are at your friend’s place

Coz they will still have to bear with you!

10.  When your job sucks

Coz somebody has it worse!

11.  When you can never pour tea or coffee without spilling it

Coz it’s not that precious anyway!

12.  When it’s not a very decent first time

It was your first time after all!

13.  When something spoils your picture perfect moment

Coz thatswhat digital cameras are here for!

14.  When your attempt to impress all, turns into a sore face plant

Coz you still impressed!

15.  When you accidentally kick your own kid

Coz you will learn kids eventually!

16.  When somebody appears out of thin air and scare the shit out of you

Coz at least it wasn’t a ghost!

17.  When you are caught off guard for a cakey-face palm

Umm…maybe coz the cake was still yummy!

18.  When you are crossing a busy road and it’s almost like your are fighting for life

Coz you’ll eventually cross it, anyway!

19.  When your lil brother bursts your really big chewing-gum bubble

Coz chewing-gums are plentiful

20.  When a handshake ends up in a nose scratch like this

Nobody really saw you… so doesn’t matter! Right?