20 Cutest Baby Animals of All Time

These cute newborns will make you go Awwww! They are so cute that it’s almost impossible to look away, and you want them to jump out of the screen right into your arms!

1.  Let’s start with our bichon havanaise newborn pups! So adorable that my heart might explode!

2.  And, this baby panda waves at you with excitement. Wanna be friends?

3.  While these endearing new born kittens can’t even open their eyes full!

4.  This lil kitty with the most soulful eyes wants to hug you!

5.  These two lil chicks are bodyguarding the newborn piggy!

6.  And this baby polar bear is busy playing with the snow. His first snow!

7.  What do you have to say about this baby gorilla’s reaction on the touch of cold stethoscope?

8.   The cute pup doesn’t want you to go! Stay! If it was me, I’d stay forever with this cute blissful being!

9.  Our lil kitten was nannying the chick, but it’s too small to hold it for long and then humpty dumpty had a great fall!

10.  This tiger cub is enthralled by the camera… Curious cub he is! Come baby… Just jump out of the screen, now!!!

11.  Chimp mommy is playing with tiger cubs! No differences in the wild!

12.  And this baby horse is getting some sun with his new furry friend!

13.  This baby owl says that you should not overlook him coz he is too tiny!

14. Never thought baby goats could be this adorable!!!

15.  Here are a handful of squirrels for a brighter day ahead!

16.  Bananas are the favourite of this cute lil monkey with those deep brown eyes I can’t look away from!

17.  Just a baby elephant getting washed up!

18.  So who wants to feed this lil bunny fur ball?

19.  This mighty lion cub has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Hasn’t he?

20.  And this baby penguin tells us how much it loves Antarctica!