20 Cute Dresses to Buy Online For Your Honeymoon

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For a girl, honeymoon is the most awaited period in life. And, when the big day arrives, she is stuck up with what to wear! And, if you are a small town girl, chances are you may find nothing appealing, across the town. With never ending ‘to do’ list, it becomes extremely hectic to shop around the streets for your honeymoon. Hence we have a variety of online ‘Cute-Little Dresses’, available for you in India.

Note:  Our clothes not only make you look beautiful but also sensuous, at the same time.

1. Anita Dongre White Dress


Simple white lace dress will suite you, even if you are not used to western wear.

Team this lacy dress with strappy scandals, to have your hubby’s eyes rolling at you.

Site available on:  Myntra

Price: Rs.1599

Product code: 129569

Link to buy: Purchase Anita Dongre white dress here

2. Femella Black Hi Low Georgette Dress


Give your LBD a twist, with this high and low cut by Femella. It is flowy, feminine, and chick.

Match the outfit with a stiletto and you are all set to go.

Site available on:  Myntra

Price: Rs.950

Product code: 127401

Link to buy:  Purchase this black Georgette dress here 

3. Color Splash Print Dress


Multicoloured, sleeveless dress styles you with grace. The chiffon fabric will keep you at ease, all day long!

Wear a cute ballerina with this color splash print dress.

Site available on:  Jabong

Price: Rs.1250


Link to buy: Purchase the splash pink dress here

4. The Vanca Women Red Bale Lace Dress


Beautiful evening lacy wear for your honeymoon

Tie a top bun and wear pumps with a clutch box, for the dinner.

Site available on:  Myntra

Price: Rs. 1699

Product code: 106194

Link to buy:  Purchase Red Bale lace dress here

5. Tonga Beige Shimmer Lace Dress


Put on this gorgeous lacy dress, and compliment it with a silver clutch box and silver stilettos, for a romantic dinner.

Site available on:  Myntra

Price: Rs.1800

Product code: 126555

Link to buy:  Purchase beige shimmer lace dress here

6. Hot Berries Yellow Floral Print Dress


This cute little floral dress is the perfect attire for the summers. Wear to a beach or afternoon lunch, with kitten heels.

Site available on:  Myntra

Price: Rs. 999

Product code: 127532

Link to buy:  Purchase yellow floral print dress here

7. White Lace Tube Dress


Looking for a sexy tube dress? This dress will keep you comfy and stylish, throughout the day. Wear minimal make-up and you are ready for your honeymoon.

Site available on: Jabong

Price: Rs. 1490


Link to buy:  Purchase white lace tube dress here

8. Trendy Diva Mustard Women Cotton Dresses


This cotton yellow off-sleeves lace dress is perfect for a tall and lean figure.

Site available on: Yebhi.com

Price: Rs. 2899

SKU: S-12535 Yellow

Link to buy:  Purchase yellow off sleeve lace dress here

9. Avirate Women Black Dress


This black Avirate dress is lovely for a cocktail party. We recommend you to accessorise with peals earring and chandeliers. Wear this LBD to clubs and casinos to get all the attention.

Site available on: Myntra

Price: Rs. 1980

Product code: 94675

Link to buy:  Purchase this black dress here

10. Soie Green Lace Dress


Gorgeous green dress is an ideal wear for honeymoon. Its fine lace work makes this an elegant wear.

Put on your sexy stilettos to flaunt your lovely legs.

Site available on: Jabong

Price: Rs. 1690


Link to buy:  Purchase the green lace dress here

11. Slim fit dress detail lace yolk & ¾ sleeve

Slim fit dress detail lace yolk & ¾ sleeve


LBD never lets you down when it comes to fashion. The detailed lace work makes it appealing and sophisticated.

Flaunt your ballerinas with this LBD.

Site available on: Jabong

Price: Rs. 1349

Product code:  ST965WA68HLZINDFAS

Link to buy:  Purchase black lace dress here

12. Jealous 21 Orange-Dresses


If you heart orange, we have this lovely, vibrant orange dress for you.

When you are not sightseeing, you can put on this comfy yet sensual, orange coloured little dress.

Site available on: Yebhi.com

Price: Rs.1199

Product code: 1-JU-29951

Link to buy:  Purchase the cute orange dress here

13. Jealous 21 Blue-Dresses


This lovely turquoise-blue dress is an apt evening wear. It is sexy and figure hugging.

Flaunt your thighs with this little turquoise dress.

Site available on: Yebhi.com

Price: Rs. 574

Product code:  1-JU-28671 Blue

Link to buy:  Purchase this blue dress here

14. Debenhams Black Women Dresses


The sexy cut chiffon sleeves make this a hot pick for your honeymoon. The pink cherries make it difficult for your hubby to resist you.

Site available on: Yebhi.com

Price: Rs. 2799

Product code: DB-0090106358-Julienmacdonald

Link to buy: Purchase the black chiffon dress here

15. The Vanca Women Blue Georgette Dress


Make your hubby’s head turned towards you, with this beautiful georgette blue dress. The silhouette is light and well-tailored for your curves.

All you need is matching pumps and some chunk jewellery.

Site available on: Myntra

Price: Rs. 1,199

Product code: 106215

Link to buy:  Purchase the blue Georgette dress here 

16. Lamora Off-White & Red Floral Print Dress


Floral dress is always on any gal’s honeymoon list. The pattern is a chick silhouette.

Pair this dress with flip-flops and a hat, for an outing at the beach.

Site available on: Myntra

Price: Rs. 1,399

Product code: 118111

Link to buy:  Purchase off white red floral print dress here

17. Dressberry Off-White & Coral Pink Print Maxi Dress


This trendy and feminine floral dress is cute for a stunning summer look!

Accessorize it with an oversized tote bag and gladiator foot-wears.

Site available on: Myntra

Price: Rs. 999

Product code: 101496

Link to buy:  Purchase floral print maxi dress here

18. Dressberry Women Pink Heart Printed Chiffon Ruffle Skirt


Printed chiffon ruffle skirt is a summery alternative for your regular denims. Pair this skirt with a black or white ganji, for a modern chic look.

Site available on: Myntra

Price: Rs. 799

Product code: 103641

Link to buy:  Purchase the polka dot pink chiffon skirt here

19. Trendy Diva Purple Women Dresses


Dress-up like this trendy avatar, for your evening party. The purple off-shoulder dress will gain you loads of admiration everywhere.

Wear a black or a silver stiletto with it.

Site available on: Yebhi

Price: Rs. 2249

Product code:  C-1559 Purple

Link to buy:  Purchase this purple dress here

20. FCuk Blue women


This fashionable blue dress is a must buy for every girl. It flaunts your hourglass figure with the perfect cuts.

Wear the matching pumps.

Site available on: Yebhi

Price: Rs. 4899

Product code:  71-EB-8 MayaBlue

Link to buy:  Purchase blue dress here