20 Best Celebrity Selfie Pictures from Hollywood & Bollywood

They get clicked by shutterbugs, every now and then. Every time, lights are flashing in front of their faces, but still, they are obsessed with clicking pictures. Yes, the selfie mode of clicking pictures is coming back again in trend, and it is getting highly popular amongst celebrities of the tinsel town. From Hollywood to Bollywood, From Kardashians to Kapoors, each and every celeb is fond of clicking selfie pictures and upload it on various social media for the whole world to know about their casual lifestyles and more.

I have come up with a bunch of 20 best selfie pictures, clicked by the celebrities. I have included 10 Hollywood and 10 Bollywood celebs. Observe their style and next time, when you go for a holiday or even stand in front of a mirror, pose it up with a sass and style, and see the hits, you get on your picture on social media. Watch it out!

1.  Candice Swanepoel


Victoria’s Secret’s super-model, Cadice, is looking fierce in her candid side selfie with a stunning head scarf and aviators.

2.  Hayden Panettiere


She is looking dynamic and energized in her selfie. Honestly, the backdrop of rooftop and surrounding buildings are adding much more glamour quotient to her picture. You can also try to click an angular selfie like this one and see, what difference it will make to your profile!

3.  Jessica Lowndes and Thom Evans


Now, can you call it a selfie? In fact, no one can call it!  But yes, this is a selfie, and one of the most beautiful and romantic selfies ever! The couple is fondling each other and clicking amidst the pampering green nature. It makes a perfect romantic selfie to envy your friends.

4.  Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay is looking drop-dead gorgeous in this selfie. She is looking more like a goddess with queenly pose. It is certainly one of the most elegant selfies by Lindsay.

5.  Nicole Richie


Nicole is going gaga in this selfie picture of hers.

6.  Rihanna


This Barbadian singer is certainly soaring the temperature with her oh-so-hot looks. She seems to have been going bubbly and enjoying the moment and it is getting reflected clearly in the picture.

7. Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is posing for a close-up self clicked picture. Such kinds of pictures are becoming popular as they are easy to click yet give you the look as if you have got clicked for a photo-shoot.

8.  Selena Gomez


Selena is looking stunning and drop-dead gorgeous in this self clicked picture of hers, she has always been admired for her class, style, and sophistication.

9.  Miley Cyrus


This is another very common selfie where you ask your friends about your new hair-do and up-do while posing in the bubbliest way.

10.  Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is checking out her dress in the mirror, and she is clicking a picture to send it to her best friend, asking her about her attire. It is also very common to click a selfie picture after getting ready and send it to your amigos, asking them if they like it or not?

11.  Sonam Kapoor


Sonam leads the list of B-town in celebs when it comes to clicking selfies. Right from a selfie of waking up to getting ready, you can find numerous selfies of Sonam across the various social media platforms.

12.  Priyanka Chopra


Piggy Chops seems to be a social babe. Besides her tight schedule, she manages to interact socially on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Her selfies are becoming quite popular on these networks.

13.  Hrithik Roshan


He is one of those actors who keep on soaring temperature always. Hrithik’s self clicked pictures on twitter are extremely popular amongst teens especially girls. He is one of those actors who stand out when it comes to class and sophistication. Here, he has clicked this picture keeping a focus on his face while de-focusing rest of the area and giving the picture a touch of sepia.

14.  Bipasha Basu


The gorgeous and hot Bipasha is certainly soaring the temperature with this oh-so-hot picture of hers.

15.  Neha Dhupia


The ravishing Neha Dhupia is probably clicking this picture to check her make-up and camera presence or may be she’s just bored while the another scene is getting ready, so passing her time by clicking selfies.

16.  Minissha Lamba


Minisha uploaded this picture on Twitter, endorsing Apple’s iPad. She tweeted, “Can you believe that this picture has been taken from iPad’s camera? Apple is the best!”

17.  Anushka Sharma


Anushka Sharma is looking highly seductive in her selfie picture. Anushka is amongst those few actresses who keep on experimenting with their looks and add some boldness and glamour to their looks.

18.  Alia Bhatt


Look at the gorgeous Alia in the picture! She is looking fresh and zealous as always. She has clicked this cute picture in her vanity while transiting between shots. Isn’t she looking cute and adorable?

19.  Nargis Fakhri


Nargis has clicked this picture in her car. She seems to be relaxed and indulgent into the music that she is listening to. It is a perfect selfie, though; it is ironic to Nargis’s image of girl-next-door in the industry.

20.  Abhishek Bachchan


Now, here comes the selfie by junior Bachchan- Abhishek. Abhishek is looking extremely casual, though, he has managed to maintain an image of a macho superstar in the picture. It seems like he is trying to trail on the footsteps of his dad, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.