20 Amazing Makeup Tricks You Would Wish You Knew Before

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Makeup is something you can never learn enough of. There are always better things and better ways to do things, which only professionals can afford to learn.

So, how about having professional makeup tricks without having to go to a makeup school? Sounds awesome! Ain’t it? Thanks to our generous makeup artists, here we have 20 amazing makeup tricks, to blow your mind.

1. Full Coverage with Cream Foundation


There’s always a coverage problem with cream foundations. They give you more of a transparent coverage and then the concealer stands out. So, next time if you want medium to full coverage with a cream foundation, mix it with primer, and then apply and see the change for yourself.

2. Cream Foundation for Oily Skin


You’ve always been told not to use cream foundation on oily skin, but here’s a way with which you can. Use a damp sponge to spread the foundation on your skin. Mostly all foundations have oil formulation to give it a blend-ability, so when you use the damp sponge, it takes up the pigment but not the oil, giving you a matte oil-free finish.

3. Youthful Blush


Usually we apply blush to highlight the cheekbones, but the blush has more to do with face contouring. Next time, try to apply your blush in a way that it’s faded on the apples and darker on the hairline. You’ll be surprised to see the instant facelift you get with this technique.

4. The Ring Finger Wonders


A senior makeup artist tells us that it’s always better to apply makeup with your ring finger. The ring finger is the weakest, and so it’s not too hard on the skin to create wrinkles and break the layer of makeup. Especially, when you are putting foundation/ concealer under your eye (the wrinkle friendly area), the ring finger will give you the best finish.

5. Deodorant not only for Fragrance


Oil is the worst enemy of makeup, and yes, you can keep blotting papers handy, but it will look awkward while you are in a party surrounded by so many people. Here’s the trick, spray some deodorant on your finger and dab it on your T-zone, under eyes or any oily patch on your skin. It will reduce oil and sweat and secure your makeup.

6. Enviable Lashes


Ever noticed the sky high lashes of Blake Lively? We’ve been drooling over them, and now we know the trick. Kara Yoshimoto (Chanel celeb makeup artist) tells that make sure your mascara is not more than a month old. Twist the mascara at the roots of your lashes and sweep upwards out. The trick is to keep the base thick and let the tips taper naturally. Chunky ends are an instant turn off!

7. Fix Broken Makeup


Isn’t it heartbreaking to see your expensive compacts and bronzer break in its case? You can never be too careful about it after all. So, here’s a lil trick to fix broken makeup, and save money. Just add a few drops of alcohol in your broken powder cake, you’ll see the alcohol seep in and the powder becomes soft. Use your finger to smoothen the paste and spread it in the case. If you like finishing, you can give it a neat finish. You may use the back of a spoon to spread the top layer.

8. Bright Sparkly Eyes


Dark circles make you look tired and dull. It’s very important to do the under eye makeup carefully. Here’s a tip from Bobbi Brown on how to get a wide awake look. Before applying makeup, prepare the area with a fast absorbing under eye cream, so that the product glides smoothly and your eyes stay protected. Use a concealer that is 2 shades lighter to your foundation and follow with a pale yellow powder to avoid creasing, and you will be bright-eyed maiden!

9. Mascara Effect Without the Mascara


You don’t always need mascara to flaunt thick long lashes. Here’s how to create the same look with only eye liner. Line the upper rim of your eye with the liner,.i.e. Not over the lashes just a tight line and also in between the lash roots. This will create the illusion of thick lashes without the mascara.

10. Hassle Proof Mascara


We all love waterproof makeup, but waterproof mascara is such a pain when it comes to removing it. I end up losing some of my lashes along, every time. So, first apply normal non waterproof mascara and finish it with a coat of the waterproof one. Now, it’s a child’s play to remove your mascara without any special makeup removers.

11. Pretty Finish of Lipsticks


How we love the colorful kissable lips, but it looks equally gross when the lipstick seeps into the wrinkles leaving your lips discolored. It’s an everyday thing that your lipstick gets uneven, so here’s what you do for a smooth finish. Scrub your lips with your toothbrush or a damp towel, and remove the dead skin before coating them with lipstick. Now, the lipstick will glide smoothly without forming any lumps.

12. Fuller Lips Effect


Do you love Angelina Jolie’s full lips? Then, this one is for you. Once you are done with the lipstick and gloss, dab a little silver or golden lip-gloss in the middle of your lower lip. Also, put a little lip balm on your cupid’s bow (the area below your nose and over your lip) to give it a little shine. Shine on that area creates the illusion of fuller lips.

13.  Aloe Vera Primer


In absence of primer, you can use aloe Vera gel as a primer. Blend in the foundation before it dries completely. Sun screen also makes for a good primer. If you’ve applied sunscreen, you need not apply a layer of primer.

14.  Smaller Forehead


Large foreheads are capable of stealing attention from the rest of your face. If you have bangs then you already know how to hide it, but in case you are in a mood for the cut, here’s what you can do. Take bronzer (the matte one, shimmer would rather highlight it) and sweep the brush from temple to temple along the hairline, and then, apply it in circular motion to blend properly. Bronzer creates a shadowy look that would make a large area appear tinier. If you notice, you’ll see Nina Dobrev using this trick a lot!

15.  Slimmer Sharper Nose


Make a wide nose shrink with the help of this simple tip. Spread foundation as you would normally do and then swipe a streak of highlighter downwards in the centre of your nose, and back up. Make sure you do it in a straight line. The highlighted skin, sandwiched between the normal tones, will create the illusion of a sharp and slim nose.

16. Lipstick and Concealer


Just a little bit of coral or peach lipstick mixed with your concealer can give you refreshed eyes in a minute. Using plain concealer sometimes give you a fake pale color under the eyes, which makes it very obvious that you are wearing makeup. If you add just a lil color, it gives the concealer a very natural look and also brightens up your eyes instantly.

17. Dots to Perfection


The people of the makeup world call it as- stippling. Stippling is, using your foundation by shading with dots, instead of strokes. So next time, when you apply your foundation, use the dots method for a more natural finish. You can also use it for applying blush.

18.  Foundation vs. Tinted Moisturizer


Tinted moisturizers are making it big in the makeup world. Tinted moisturizers tend to moisturize your skin and also give a little color. When you want the natural tinted moisturizer look, mix some moisturizer in your foundation and blend it properly before applying. This will give you a translucent layer, which looks as natural as naked skin, but also hides open pores and minor imperfections.

19. The Natural Enriching Makeup Remover


when you don’t have a makeup remover, you can just dab some olive oil in cotton, and run it over your eyes and lips. This will not only remove your makeup properly, but also leave your skin nourished. Olive oil is just great for eyes and lips. In fact, if you are a lil apprehensive about under eye creams, just dab a little olive oil under and around your eyes, before you go to sleep. And, one more little secret, it will also help you grow your lashes longer and thicker!

20. Instant Zit Removal


Don’t you just hate it when a notorious irritating pimple/ zit come out on an important day? Here’s what you can do to get rid of it almost instantly. You will need an Aspirin, remember, no other pain relievers, just 100 per cent Aspirin. Mix it in some water. It will dissolve and make a paste. Now take a Q-tip and apply the paste on the zit. Hold it for 10-15 minutes and then wipe with a clean wet tissue, and Ta Da! If it doesn’t remove the zit completely, it’ll at least shrink it and remove the redness.

Don’t do it, if you are allergic to Aspirin.