2 Minutes Kitten Eye Makeup Tutorial!

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The 50’s kitten eye magic is back with a bang. The sweet simple style is easy to do and keep things underrated. So, be it a hang out with friends or a regular office day, you can have an added charm, by wearing this minimal eye makeup.

Step 1– Clean your eye area and conceal any dark circles or blemishes. You don’t need an eye shadow with this look, but if you wish to, go for a light icy color.

Step 2– Draw a line starting from the outer corner of your extending upwards. Don’t extend too much; otherwise it’ll look like winged eyeliner.

Step 3– Now thickens the line extending it inwards but don’t stretch it towards the inner corner of your eye (picture for reference). The look is said to freshen up the eye, and so you don’t have to line the whole of your eye. Leave the inner 1/3rd of your eye without the liner and kajal.

Step 4– Give a neat final sweep to the liner. Thicker towards the out, getting thinner inside.

Now, you are all set, and I bet it took no more than 2 minutes to get this look right.