2 Cups of Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Are you a cappuccino addict like me?

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Grabbing a cup of hot black coffee, early in the morning is my favourite activity. At times, my sister gets pissed off due to my excess of caffeine addiction, but the truth is that coffee benefits my health in quite a few ways.

According to Dr. Peter Martin, a pharmacology expert, 2 cups of coffee lessen the risk of developing diabetes and chances of getting heart strokes.


The benefits don’t end here. Sipping a glass of coffee has other positives, as well-

  • A regular Cuppa of caffeine helps you to recognize grammar and punctuation errors. Among the students, it facilitates the correct formation of sentences and verbs.
  • A new way to get you out of depression is coffee. Grab a glass when you feel low. Did you know that caffeine works as magic on a woman’s brain?
  • The antioxidants present in coffee curb all kinds of cancers. Women who drink 3 cups of coffee a day lower the risk of getting cancer.
  • Coffee has an effective positive impact on liver. According to a study, researchers found that regular intake of coffee lessen the risk of liver damage.
  • Sipping a cup, before your workout, eliminates post workout pain almost by 50%.
  • Coffee lowers the risk of death to a certain extent.
  • Last but not the least, coffee boosts your memory.


  • The quality difference may not be of importance to you when we talk about coffee. But let me remind you, it does matter. Go for organic coffee as these days non organic coffee carries a lot of pesticides.
  • Now, when I say that I love my morning coffee, that doesn’t mean, I stuff my cup with a whip of cream and sugar. Avoid creams and sugar for a better health.
  • Beware of its side effects too as coffee doesn’t agree with everyone. It can have unfavourable effects, like stomach upset and irritability.
  • Now, that you know coffee protects your liver from damage, this doesn’t give a green signal to heavy drinking.

So, if you are trying to kick your daily two cappuccinos … You may want to rethink. Isn’t it?