18 Hottest and Eligible Bachelors of Hollywood

It seems like Hollywood is full of handsome hunks that make our hearts skip a beat! Hot guys in Hollywood become single, and come to the mingling market. Some are new comers, and some, who may never settle down; whatever it is there, there are plenty of hot boys up for grabs. Let’s take a look at hottest bachelors of Hollywood, who sweep women off their feet.

1.  Zac Efron


Age: 25

After his split with Vanessa Hudgens, all girls should be happy, because he is single. Well now, he is all grown up and has an ab-tastic body to die for.

2.  Robert Pattinson


Age: 26

His aloof personality and mysterious looks in ‘Twilight’ series creates some magic appeal to his looks. Girls are irresistibly attracted towards him. Off course, he was dating Kristen Stewart once, but recently they got broke up, so all the lines on this number are no more busy, girls! (*wink*)

3.  Ryan Gosling


Age: 32

He is swoon worthy, dapper and charming, and it will be extremely crazy if you girls don’t fall in love with this cute Canuck.

4. Taylor Lautner


Age: 20

Well his relationship with Lily Collins has ended, and this hottie has returned to the bachelors’ market. Girls come on, get ready to ‘howl’ for this ‘Twilight’ star.

5. Bradley Cooper


Age: 38

He can speak French fluently, rocks an adorable smile, is super hot, and have a great sense of humour. What else does a girl need in her man?

6.  Kellan Lutz


Age: 27

With a hot body and hotter looks, this man from the Cullen’s clan, is simply irresistible. Well Kristen Stewart you can keep Edward, until and unless we have Emmett in the list.

7. Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas


Age: 23 and 20 respectively

These cute Disney heartthrobs are great guys to bring home to mom and dad. Moreover, they look cute and manage to be hot at the same time.

8. Chris Pine


Age: 32

This ‘Star Trek’ guy is sexy, smart and works very hard. Can we ask for more in a man? Beam us up, Chris!

9. Andrew Garfield


Age: 29

With his suave look, our senses go Spidery when we see this US-born, Britain-bred actor. Well we are wondering how to catch this ‘Spiderman’ in our love web.

10. Alex Pettyfer


Age: 22

This blond Brit actor has a cute and pretty face, with a bad boy side. He has seven tattoos inked. Who knows, if he might get your name inked too.  Lol!

11. Chris Evans


Age: 31

Well, he is regular to rom-coms; so we can be sure that he knows the exact way to treat a girl in a right way. Of course, we have to mention his good looks and hot body.

12.  Chace Crawford


Age: 27

We would love to gossip with this sexy Texan. With all American good looks and charming smile, he is a total turn-on.

13. Justin Bartha


Age: 34

This ‘Hangover’ actor is such an adorable bachelor, with such super cute looks.

14. Darren Criss


Age: 25

This ‘Glee’ star has a gorgeous head of hair and beautiful eyes. Undoubtedly, he can make girls fall in love faster than you can ever think.

15. Tom Hardy


Age: 35

After seeing him in ‘Warrior’, all the girls will feel safe with this hot hulking hunk, by their side.

16. Josh Hutcherson


Age: 20

If you like younger men, then your search is over, because he is the one for you. He is young, handsome, cute and single.

17. Gerard Butler


Age: 43

We know his age is a bit old to be a bachelor, but come on we cannot deny the fact that this young man at his 40s, is still too hot and irresistible.

18. George Clooney


Age: 51

Old is gold, it is so true in this case. No doubt, he is too old to be in the list of bachelors, but he is a bachelor because he never got married after separating with Talia Balsam. He dated many women till date, and even now, there are a lot of females who fantasize for a chance to bring him to the altar.