18 Amazing Things to Do with Coffee

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The aroma of coffee beans is enough to tempt the most of us anytime! Isn’t it?  But, have you ever heeded other extraordinary uses of coffee? Here are some convincing reasons to remain stocked up. Next time don’t toss out the coffee grounds.


Check out the following 18 amazing things to do with coffee.

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1. Boost a Carrot Harvest


Before sowing, mix carrot seeds with dried coffee grounds. It will boost the carrot harvest.

2. Keep Away the Cats


Mix the used coffee grounds with orange peels. Sprinkle it in your garden. It will keep the kitties away. 

3. Cleanse Fireplace


Sprinkle the damped, used coffee grounds in the fireplace. It will weigh down the ash and eradicate the smoke-flavoured dust clouds. 

4. Deter the Ants


Sprinkle the used coffee grounds in the corners and nooks of the house. It will repel the ants.

5. As a Compost


To increase the fertility of the soil of your garden, mix some coffee grounds. It is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, copper, and phosphorous.

6. Soften the Skin


Prepare a body scrub by mixing coconut oil, brown sugar, and coffee grounds. Rub this scrub on your body. Rinse with water. It will make your skin soft.

7. Get Rid of Morning Sickness


The fresh aroma of coffee beans helps the pregnant women in getting over the morning sickness.

8. Eradicate the Pet Odour


If you are a pet lover, but hate their odour on the couch, you can use the fresh coffee beans. Just place a small bag of coffee beans on your sofa. To reduce the strong urine smell, heat some coffee in an iron skillet for 3-4 minutes. Take it across the room. The coffee aroma will spread in the room instantaneously, removing the pet odour. 

9. Clean the Dishes


To eradicate the stink of garlic and whisked egg, clean your dishes with the coffee. It will sop up the pungent smell of food from the dishes, easily. You can also use coffee to clean the stained dishes.

10. Eliminate the Pungent Odour


Place a bag of coffee in the fridge. It will shun the pungent odour in the refrigerator. If you want to eliminate the strong odour of your bathroom, just wrap the coffee grounds in a piece of cloth and hang in the bathroom.

11. Conceal Furniture Scratches


Coffee works as a natural dye for furniture scratches. Rub the damped coffee grounds on the scratches on furniture.

12. Coffee Cubes


You can use the coffee grounds to prepare the ice cubes. Use these ice cubes in an iced coffee.

13. For Reducing Puffiness


Take quarter cup of coffee grounds. Add an egg white to it. Mix properly. Apply. Rinse with water after 15 minutes. This facial mask will help in reducing the puffiness.

14. As a Flea Repellent


Dilute the coffee grounds. Rub on the dog’s fur. It will help your pet in getting rid of the flea.

15. To Remove Food Odour from Your Hands


Rub your hands with coffee grounds, to remove the garlic and onion stink from your hands. Scrubbing your hands with coffee grounds will also make them soft.

16. Deodorize the Refrigerator


Fill a bowl with fresh or used coffee grounds. Add a few drops of vanilla to it. Now, put this bowl in the freeze for the whole night. It will eliminate the smell of spoiled food from your refrigerator.

17. Make Your Hair Extra-Glossy


Brew up some coffee grounds. Apply it on your clean hair. Rinse after 20-25 minutes. Repeat it once a week for best results.

18. Give Magic Touch to Your Recipe


Add a pinch of coffee to chocolate cake and ice cream. It will enhance their flavour.