16 Safety Tips to Avoid Office Mishaps

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Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.” – Anonymous

“Oh no, I’m again late today! Boss will surely yell at me!” And, in this worry and hurry you rush to your office. Honestly, tell me, how many times you have got injured due to walloping into open drawers, or doors, or slipping on the floor, in this scurry? Sometimes, these office accidents may lead to disabling and serious injuries.

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So, be alert and follow the given below safety tips.

1. After using drawers, close them properly.

2. Don’t stand and talk in front of closed doors. Somebody might open it suddenly and you may get injured.

3. Never use chairs as ladders. Make use of stepladder.

4. Instead of keeping paper cutters, blades, stapler pins and scissors here and there, put them at safe places.

5. When using stairs, grasp the handrails.

6. Don’t put down boxes and objects on the walkways.

7. Avoid reading, while walking.

8. Sit erectly in your chair with your feet stroking the floor. Don’t lean, twist or bend backwards.

9. Report broken concrete, tiles or loose carpet to immediate supervisor.

10. Clean the spills, instantaneously.

11. Put on shoes with non-slippery soles.

12. Avoid carrying such things/objects that hamper your vision.

13. Don’t leave electrical cords bare. Wrap them with electrical strips.

14. Don’t carry heavy objects (like boxes of computer paper, stack of books, etc.). Seek someone’s help.

15. Instead of pulling the objects, push them.

16. Don’t touch switches, plugs or electrical outlets with damp hands.

 “Chance takers are accident makers. – Anonymous

Just a little alertness and you can prevent accidental injuries at your workplace. After all, you can work well only if you remain fit.