16 Amazing Animal Buddies And The Tales Of Their Friendship

1. The Macaque and White Dove


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The picture is from an island along the coast of China. The macaque had wandered off from his mother and was adopted by an animal protection centre. It found a friend in a white dove which had also been taken care of by the staff at the centre. The two of them slept and ate together for two months until they were set free in their respective worlds.

2. Katjinga & Paulinchen


The Rhodesian ridgeback, Katjinga accepted piglet Paulinchen when she got separated from her own family. She took care of her like her own pup. The piglet was re united to her family in a few days but the two grew a strong bond and still share a nuzzle upon seeing each other.

3. The Macaque & the Kitten


This picture is from Bali. The lonely and caring macaque takes care of his friend, a stray kitten. He hugs, nuzzles and grooms her and even the kitty is pleased to have found such a great friend in the wild.

4. Baby Orangutan Bros & Baby Tiger Twins


In Indonesia, 2 baby orang-utans and one month old tiger twins became the best of friends when they shared the zoo’s nursery together. They played together and cuddled and nuzzled during the naptime. However, they had to be separated when they turned 5 month old for safety issues.

5. Themba & Albert


At the tender age of six months, baby elephant, Themba lost his mother. Albert, a sheep, became his surrogate mother. The two did not have a very smooth start but were always together when they became habitual to each other. Unfortunately, Themba passed away due to a twisted intestine later.

6. Torque & Shrek


Torque, a greyhound pup only six months old fathered Shrek, a baby owl and the two developed a deep, caring friendship. Shrek had to be separated from her mother for better protection and that’s when the two formed a great bond.

7. Coco & Lucky


Coco the cockatoo and Lucky the cat are happy housemates and love spending time with each other. When Lucky rolls on her back, Coco nuzzles her and pushes her tongue in the cat’s ears. The two affectionate friends chill together.

8. Sharky, Max & Chicks


Sharky, a pitbull, Max, a cat and a group of chicks enjoy each other’s company in Texas. Sharky protects his mates from any threat.

9. Bunny & Billy


This bunny and Billy, the dog are the best of friends in real life. They gel totally well.

10. Little Kitten & Chicken


The two look too adorable to make a pair. This orange kitten in Russia has always protected the little chicken from rats and other parasites.

11. Alexa & Sahara


Growing up at the Cincinnati Zoo, Anatolian shepherd dog, Alexa and cheetah Sahara became really close friends. They’ve proved that dogs and cats can become great pals. How cute they look playing together.

12. A Lion, Tiger & a Bear


Can you imagine a lion, a tiger and a bear being friends? Yes, they are at Noah’s Ark rescue center in Locust Grove. They live, cuddle and wrestle together and are unaware of the fact that they aren’t natural friends.

13. The Doggy & the Polar Bear


Look at a polar bear and dog share a hug. The dog licked his face when the bear nuzzled him. Truly heart-warming.

14. Arthur with Shiloh & Thunder


Who’d have thought a cat and a dolphin being friends? When Arthur, the cat met Shiloh and Thunder at a marine park, the two showed their appreciation for each other by nuzzling each other.

15. Bambi & Thumper


Bambi, the deer became great friends with Thumper, the rabbit.

16.Lisha- The Foster Mother


A South African Labrador, Lisha is extremely popular for her mothering skills. She’s raised a host of animals, and not any of her actual pups. She’s mothered tiger and cheetah cubs, a porcupine, a potbelly pig, a pygmy hippo, an owl and a weasel.