15 Tricks to Beat the Heat and Look Amazing in Summers

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Are you one of those who love the sun but not how it treats to your skin and hair? Well, here we are with a few easy tricks that will keep you fresh and beautiful, even in the sweltering days this summer.




1. Sun-safe


In summers, sun blocks are like the oxygen for your skin but sadly, most of them are so greasy that after a few minutes in the sun, you look all discolored and patchy. So, here the idea is to invest in a good sunscreen, and if you think your skin is too oily to handle any sunscreen, go for a powdered sunscreen. Be sure, these will not melt down even when you are sitting in a hot car.

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Our pick: Bare Escentuals – bareMinerals spf30 Natural Sunscreen

2. Makeup


Makeup is definitely not your favorite part in summers. Is it?

We suggest keeping the makeup minimal. Strictly no foundations but you can use tinted moisturizers to add a lil color. Also, it’s time to keep your blusher aside, to let the sun give you a natural pretty blush.

Our pick: Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Oil Free Moisturizer

3. Topknot


A messy topknot is the best hairstyle for summers. It keeps your hair off your shoulders and neck, and still looks uber cool. You might want to use a lil hairspray, to avoid those baby hairs sticking-out on your forehead, on a hot humid day.

4. Fragrance


It becomes a bit tricky to smell good all the day in summers, but it isn’t ‘that’ tricky, really! Use deo spray before you go to sleep at night. Using antiperspirant at night is more effective as the content that blocks your sweat glands get more time to absorb. Layer it up before going out in the morning. A refreshing lemon bath, in the morning, is definitely on the cards.

5. Dry-shampoo


Haven’t tried one yet? You must get one this summer, and you’ll love it when your sweat-stuck hair will instantly perk up and feel all light and shine. Don’t you already love it now?

Our pick: Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo

6. Aqua-eyes


Instead of greasy eye shadows, use waterproof eye shadows in aqua shades. The lovely light blues and greens of the aqua color palette will definitely give you a summer friendly makeup and some playful flirty colors too!

Our pick: Kryolan Aqua Color Day Glow

7.  Hair Bands


Here, the idea is to keep your hair set and away of your face. Not only it’s easy but also gorgeous. Loose hair, hanging by your face, wouldn’t only make you uncomfortable but it’ll also result in more sweat. So, whether it is hair band, bun, sock bun or even kerchief, they all look gorgeous in summers.

8. Mani-Pedi Time


Don’t you agree that summers are the best to flaunt your toes and pretty hands? So don’t think twice about taking a manicure & pedicure session, and pouring your creativity on those nails. This way you’ll have pretty nails to flaunt, and also it will keep people away of noticing the sweat on your brow.

9. Face- wipes


Trust me ladies, the cooling face wipes are the best investment in summers. Buy good face wipes with mint extracts and aloe content, to perk up your face instantly. You can always find some time to duck into the ladies room, during a dinner or a date, and the wipes will take approximately 10 seconds to make you all new.

Our pick: Garnier Fresh Essentials

10.  A Haircut?


If you are considering a haircut, we suggest going for it now. Short hair are so in-vogue this season. Now, we are not talking the ultra short pixie of Anne Hathaway, but consider the look of Carlie Closs or Emma Watson’s grown out-crop. It might take some courage to chop off your locks but the benefits are exceeding. You’ll get hassle-free hair that will make you stand out in the crowd and short hair is classy, girls!

11. Twist’em up


Summer hairstyles need not limit to buns and topknots only, some twists would also look so pretty. Instead of braiding your hair, work some twists which would be easier and quicker. Also, you need not worry if your hair is a lil sweaty and greasy, the twist would look even better. All you need is some bobby pins.

12.  Sunglasses


Aren’t sunglasses your favorite summer accessory? It’s the perfect time to invest in a chic pair of sunglasses. Choose from retro, cat-eye, wayfarers or the classy aviators, and you’ll be turning heads in no time. Consider the sun protection that they give as the cherry on the top.

13.  Secure the Lipstick


We love lipsticks and so do you. So, we know how much you hate it when the pretty colors come, melting down in the heat, and leave your lips discolored. Here’s a sweet trick to make your lipstick last longer. After the first coat of lipstick, apply some talc on your lips and then cover up with another coat. This way, your lipstick wouldn’t melt and get all patchy.

14.  Clear up


Never ever forget to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. It’s a good idea to clear off your skin and give it some fresh air to breathe; otherwise, summers provide the perfect recipe for pimples and break outs on your skin. So, use a good makeup remover to clean your skin.

Our pick: Neutrogena Natural’s Makeup Cleanser

15.  Shine on


Remember don’t go all powdery because you don’t want to look greasy. It is summers and everyone is a lil dewy. And c’mon girls we all love a lil shine on our skin. So keep it natural and be a lil shiny glowy with the heat.