15 Reasons why Some Facebook Couples Suck!

We all have that one (or more) annoying friend in our friend lists who keeps updating us about their what-so-ever love life (even when you are not interested!)

So, well this one goes to all those falling into the list to STOP! Read, connect and then post this one in their Inbox. (Hint enough, I guess?)

1.  They are way too fast! AND I MEAN IT!

My Take: Thirteen??? Is that a boyfriend or a babysitter?

2.  And they change relationship status after every fight, which makes it an everyday thing!

My Take: Who cares, dude!!!

3.  Then, they post stupid messages on each other’s wall.

My Take: Yeah! Sugar plum and rock… Why don’t you try the ‘send message’ option?

4.  They flood your newsfeed with pictures like this –

And this –

My Take: 

5.  And they post awkward things publicly

image source: Lamebook

My Take: Yeah Claire! We totally love reading about your holes!

6.  There’s endless series of this –

And this –

And it never ends! Phew !

7.  You wanna write things like –

To let them know how you feel about all this

But you have to hold back

8.  And their pictures are weird

My Take: Wow! You guys just defined LOSERS!

9.  But still they keep posting more of it… Much much more… To flood their timelines with the omnipresent love

My Take: Can I have the t-shirts when you guys break up???

10.  Guess what? One of them is always too much excited than the other!

My Take: BORING? You both are!

11.  You wonder how strong their love really is, coz they do things like this –

And this –

12.  And, they want everyone else to think they are the ideal couple who never fights

But you see the complications everyday…

13.  But their breakups are all public and sad and heartbreaking

My Take: Well! I thought so!

14.  And then they just start all over again –

My Take: Bitch please!





15.  But they never change and to your disappointment then happens this –

My Take: