15 Home Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat Rashes

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Prickly heat rashes are the common skin problem during the summer season. Extreme sweating, in humid and hot weather, leads to bacterial infection, which results in red bumps and blisters on the skin. The best manner to get rid of them is to keep the affected area dry and cool.

Here are some home remedies to cure the prickly heat rashes.

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1. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti)


Mix 5 tbsp fuller earth and 3 tbsp rose water. Add plain water to prepare a paste. Apply it on your back or other affected areas. Let it dry. Rinse with cold water. It will reduce the irritation caused by prickly rashes.

2. Gram Flour


Make gram flour paste by adding water to it. Employ this paste on the affected areas. Wash it with water, when it becomes dry. It will reduce the prickliness.

3.  Ice-cubes


Rub ice-cubes on the rashes. It will lessen the red bulges, inflammation, and swelling.

4.  Sandalwood Paste


Mix equal amounts of sandalwood and coriander powder. Add rose-water to prepare a paste. Now, employ this paste on the infected regions. Use cold water to wash it. It will heal the rashes quickly.

5. Aloe Vera


Apply aloe vera pulp, or gel on the affected regions. After some time, wash with cold water.

6. Cornstarch


Add water to corn starch. Smudge this paste on the prickly rashes. Leave it for ½ hour. Then, wash with cold water.

7. Lime Juice


Lime juice is the best cure for prickly heat. Drink 3-4 glasses of lime juice on the daily basis. It will completely diminish the redness and inflammation, within one fortnight.

8. Neem Leaves


Take some neem leaves. Mash them using water, to form a paste. Smear over the affected area. Wait till it gets dry. It will provide you quick relief from prickly heat rashes.

9. Baking Soda


Mix 1 tsp of baking soda, with 1 cup of cold water. Drench a clean cloth in this solution. To remove extra water, squeeze the cloth. Put this cloth on the rashes. Use this remedy 4-5 times a day. It will ease the irritation and itchiness.

10. Oatmeal


Mix small quantity of oatmeal in your bath tub. Stir it properly. Lie in it for 15-20 minutes. Practice it two times a day. It will soothe the skin and ease the tenderness.

11. Camphor Tablet


Take some coconut oil in a bowl. Put a camphor tablet in it. Leave it for the entire night, so that the camphor melts in the oil. Apply the mixture on the rashes, at equal intervals.

12.  Cucumbers


Squeeze the juice of cucumber. Rub on the infected region. Alternatively, put the cucumber slices on the prickly rashes. It will provide you a quick relief.

13. Honey


Smudge honey on the affected area. It will speed up the healing process.

14. Watermelon


Smear the watermelon pulp on the rashes. It will calm the skin irritation.

15.  Banyan Tree Bark


Grind the dry barks of a banyan tree. Sprinkle this powder on the affected skin. It will definitely treat the prickly heat.

Some Important Tips:


  • Don’t wear tight clothes.
  • Avoid scratching the rashes as it may cause severe infections.
  • Sleep in well-ventilated and cool room.
  • Use cold water to take a shower.
  • Don’t use oils or creams. They can block the pores.